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FlexiSpot Tech Day Sale: Ultimate Desk Sale Guide

07 September 2022


When was the last time you treated yourself to a new piece of furniture?

It’s easy to neglect to update your home. Many of us would love to upgrade our home offices, but researching and purchasing furniture easily becomes an ‘Oh, I’ll do that another day issue.

But, it’s time to quit this mentality. It’s time to finally embrace home upgrades and redecorating. And, what better way to start than with premium sale prices?

If you’ve been considering a new desk, make sure you explore the FlexiSpot Tech Day Sale. From the 7th to the 9th of September, FlexiSpot offers an impressive range of desks for exciting low prices.

However, researching your potential desks before buying is essential. Don’t opt for the first model you see! Here at FlexiSpot, we offer a multitude of different styles for all needs. From classic standing desks to pro models, our range is built for all aesthetics and purposes.

Get a headstart on the sale today. Scroll down to see FlexiSpot desk styles available in the FlexiSpot Tech Day Sale below.

Standing Desk Pro Series E7

Sale Price: Available for £299.99 - 27% off

When it comes to standing desks, our Standing Desk Pro Series E7 is here to innovate and impress. With a dual-motor lifting system and an anti-collision function, it provides smooth and comfortable working. This desk also offers a 125kg weight capacity, ensuring you can safely use your computer, monitors, and any other devices without worrying about breakages.

Additionally, this E7 standing desk model is available in three different styles. While we care about functionality, we also put design first too. From Black Walnut to Cherry Wood and Red Oak, this desk pairs wood style with any room.

Find the standing desk online here.

Standing Desk Dual Motor Frame E5

Sale Price: Available for £259.99 - 27% off

When shopping for a new desk, make sure you consider standing options alongside static desks. This standing desk dual motor frame allows for flexible working and multiple health benefits for users. Plus, this frame includes energy-efficient LED displays and an advanced keypad to heighten your standing desk experience.

This standing desk frame doesn’t come with a fixed table top, perfect for anyone who wants full design control. With a single frame, you can control your design choices - ideal if you’re furnishing your home office with a creative style.

Find the desk frame online here.

Classic Standing Desk E1

Sale Price: Available for £159.99 - 27% off

You can’t beat the classics, can you?

If you’re looking for a first-time standing desk, try our Classic Standing Desk E1. This reliable model is here to optimise your office space. Our standard model is built with a single motor for quiet and smooth lifting and lowering of the desk.

The FlexiSpot Classic model also comes with a wide choice of frame colours and desktop colours, leaving you in charge of your office style.

Find the desk online here.

Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk EG8

Sale Price: Available for £349.99 - 22% off

Want to try a premium standing desk experience? Take advantage of the Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk EG8 today. With four programmable height presets, this desk can be utilised in shared work environments or family homes.

Alongside unique height presets, this desk also offers three USB charging ports to prevent any tangled cords under the desk. The desk also offers an embedded drawer, providing storage space without a bulky design. This sleek design is finished with a tempered glass tabletop, which is as durable as it is attractive.

Find the desk online here.

Comhar EW8 All-In-One Standing Desk Wooden Top

Sale Price: £369.99 - 13% off

Finally, if you’re interested in an all-in-one model but don’t want the glass table top look, explore our Comhar EW8 All-In-One Standing Desk Wooden Top. This desk combines our signature all-in-one design with a wooden top for anyone who wants to add a modern wooden accent to their office.

Alongside height adjustment, USB charging, and an embedded draw, this desk also offers robust construction and anti-collision technology. This Comhar model is also designed to provide maximum space while taking up minimal floor space. Whether you want to place the desk in a nook or the centre of your room, this design will fit anywhere.

The Takeaway

So, which desk will suit your office best?

From providing an ergonomic workstation to offering a stable place to complete school work, standing desks are here to improve all routines. Just make sure you research your model well to make sure it ticks all boxes.

But don’t take too long! The FlexiSpot Tech Day Sale only lasts from the 7th to the 9th of September. Catch these price drops quickly before they’re gone. Happy shopping!

Want to know more? Read our ‘Buyers Guide’ online here.