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Ergo Problems Faced by Blue Collar Workers and How Flexispot can Help

24 June 2021

The Exhaustion Created by Blue Collar Work

A blue-collar job such as in the restaurant, street, or construction field gets stressful most of the time. These types of work may be just requiring the parts of the body to move but it becomes exhausting especially when you have to do it from morning 'til dusk. The stress that comes from body strain and overuse of some body parts like the arms shoulders have lifetime effects at times that do not immediately manifest but once they step into old age, that's the time that they would feel the severe pain or complications brought by these ergonomic problems. They may not be working in the office but they also experience kinds of body pain that need to be alleviated by pieces of equipment that they can use at home. These are the ergo products from Flexispot. 

You may be one of the blue-collar workers who deserve to be pampered and be taken care of after a long day at the field. You may trust Flexispot, therefore. This is because Flexispot is the prime producer of the best ergonomic products such as the ergo chairs that come in different models and sizes. You may choose from the big and tall office chairs, mesh chairs, or accent chairs. All these ergo chairs are above and beyond the race in the industry; they can deliver the most superb ergonomic solutions workers can experience. 

Hence, let us discuss further the ergo problems that can be solved by Flexispot ergo chairs. 

The Gift of Ergonomics from Flexispot

At Flexispot, you may enjoy choosing from a wide variety of choices from mesh chairs to accent chairs. These products can alleviate body pain, especially around your shoulders and arms that you might continuously use in your line of work. These ergo chairs have the designs and materials that make the product perform at an optimal level. 

The ergo chairs from Flexispot are ergonomically designed to complement the curves of your spine. You can see it in the design of the chairs. For instance, the accent chairs from Flexispot. If you compared it with the typical chair, the curve is only at the top part however with the Flexispot ergo chair, the curve of the accent chair follows the shape of your back and spine. This can ensure that you could not get strained even when you sit for long hours. So, imagine working at a restaurant where you stand all day long getting the orders or staying at the counter. This could harm your legs and spine at your stance or movement becomes stationary and variations of movements are not done. Hence, it is best if you choose products such as the ergo chairs from Flexispot. 

If you work in the field as a cop or a firefighter, you might experience a lot of pain around the lumbar area too. At Flexispot, you may find the best ergonomic chairs that can alleviate the pain around your lumbar thus if you take a closer look at these chairs, you could see the curves of the middle part that follow the shape of your lumbar. This is the reason most users of Flexispot ergo chairs do not feel numbness even after sitting for long hours. These help the stimulation of the blood and protect the spine from possible injury. 

Most blue-collar workers tend to have neck pain too because of stress and fatigue. Most of the time, the pieces of equipment that most of you use are not ergonomically designed especially along the neck area. This is harmful because it could strain the neck and put much pressure on it. After all, the circulation of blood along that area is not in tune. Once this happens, you might create the tendency to have the buffalo hump or the lump around the back of the thoracic spine. There is also a possibility of having a hunched back because of this. Thus, you must practice the proper posture and sitting position with the help of ergo products like the Flexispot ergonomic chair. 

At Flexispot too, you can rest your arms freely with the curved armrest on the ergo chair. There are ergonomic chairs from Flexispot that have this shape. The seat depth of these chairs too can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. 

You do not need to worry about the weight capacity of the ergo chairs from Flexispot. This is because Flexispot can bear the weight of up to 300lbs hence if you are around 120lbs only, you may completely enjoy the safety that these ergo chairs could bring because they could carry you with ease compared to other swivel chairs that easily get broken even with a weight of 110lbs only. Do not worry that you are gaining weight, it only means that the swivel chair is not as durable and sturdy as the Flexispot ergonomic chairs. 

No wonder the weight capacity of the ergo chairs from Flexispot is incredible because these products are made with a superb gas lifting capacity that makes the carrying of the ergo chairs easier and faster. This gas lifting system also helps the product achieve convenient lifting without the adjustor getting stuck in the middle and unmovable as a result. It is unlike the ordinary swivel chairs that after a few months of use, they could not be lifted properly anymore. With Flexispot ergo chairs, every single dollar you spend is worth it. 

If you wish to relax and rock back and forth on this ergo chair, you may do so because of the wonderful rocking function of these products, the rocking function becomes possible because of the rocking adjustor that you may turn should you like to adjust the angle of the chair. 

All these specs and functions of the ergo chairs are suitable for your needs as a blue-collar worker. These may help you decide on the particular ergo chair that you want to be part of your interior. All these can alleviate your ergonomic concerns and can provide you with the utmost spine health. 

Final Thoughts: 

As you search for the best ergonomic chair from Flexispot, you may ponder on these qualities that can help you choose the product that can re-energize you and align your spine, neck, shoulder, and legs with ease. With Flexispot, you will never go wrong in looking for the best ergonomic solutions.