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Enjoy brand day sale on these products from Flexispot

25 May 2022

Finally, the wait is over as the Flexispot's brand day sale is on the cards. On 25th may, Flexispot will be celebrating the annual Global Brand Day. The good news is that you will find many products with amazing discounts from 23rd-25th may. Ensure you take full advantage of this brand day sale and buy yourself quality products highly appreciated by everyone.

This once-in-a-year opportunity awaits you with outstanding products that are expert-vetted as far as the quality is concerned. This article will tell you about top office chairs and desk bikes with amazing discounts. Here are some products that you should go for this season.

1. Back support office chair BS8


· Ergonomic design: The Back support office chair will suit if you are looking for a comfortable chair. This is because of the ergonomic design of this chair that allows you to work for a very long time in one place. You will undoubtedly feel more comfortable with reduced numbness and stress owing to its fabric and design. Go and grab yourself a back support office chair for a relaxing experience.

· Comfortable seat: Everyone wants to feel comfortable while sitting. This office chair will reduce pressure on your back and buttocks, and the credit goes to the W-shaped design. The chair is filled with elastic foam rubber that does not sink in or deform after using for a long time.

· Breathable material: The chair's material is made scientifically from breathable material. The user experiences a more comfortable experience as the fabric does not mean mold and has no odor.


· Provides excellent comfort: You will experience great convenience because the W-shaped design puts less pressure on your buttocks while sitting. The elastic foam rubber-filled back helps you do chores for a long time.

· Rest your arms: The chair's foldable armrest allows you to rest your arms while working. Furthermore, it helps save a lot of space due to its extraordinary storage flexibility.

Link to the product: Back support office chair BS8

2. Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9


· S-shaped design: This design matches the natural architecture of our spine, thereby supporting your lower back.

· High-quality material: These offices are resistant to deformity and have excellent elasticity. The credit goes to the soft-high density sponge seat composed of breathable mesh fabric. It offers excellent stability and mobility because of its nylon smooth-rolling casters. This promotes a comfortable seated position enabling you to work for extended hours.

· Study caster: This cool chair has casters covered with PU clothing that help protect the floor.


· Supports your lumbar: Its S-shaped design helps maintain your spine's 'S' shape. The chair has a scientifically engineered webbing molding to the spine's shape.  

· Adjust seat height: Whether you are short or tall, the chair allows you to adjust the seat height and maintain a solid upright working position where the hips lie above the knees. With its forward tilt (5-15 degrees), you can place your hips much higher than the knees.

· Sit comfortably: with its unbelievable 7 cm original foam padding, experience the best sitting experience. Your back will be fully supported and cushioned by the thick foam padding.

Link to the product: Flexi-chair Oka Office Chair BS9

3. Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair


· Breathable mesh backrest: Experience the best comfort and stability with the chair's breathable mesh fabric backrest. This makes you more productive and less prone to injuries.

· Adjustable seat: The chair possesses a one-touch lever that can easily adjust the seat, even when seated. This allows you to adjust the height and offers great comfort.

· Cool seat cushion: Enjoy the best sedentary experience with the firm seat cushion. With no pressure support, your life is going to be joyful.


· Save time: You will save a lot of time and put the gears on for starting your fitness journey. This chair makes it easier to achieve your wellness and health goals.

· Improve your productivity: The amazing chair doesn't disturb anyone around you as it cycles smoothly and quietly. Ensure your mind is active and alert while working.

Link to the product: Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair