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Electric Beds: The New Normal?

18 July 2022

Our beds are often a place of sanctuary.

But what if these places of sanctuary can also improve our life and health all at the same time? Electric beds offer this opportunity with a range of health benefits and lifestyle improvements we didn’t know we needed.

This article will examine the health and lifestyle benefits of electric beds, and the various ways they can benefit your life in particular.

Let’s get going!

Health Benefits

Electric beds were first marketed as being beneficial due to the health benefits they provided to the older members of society - however, that isn’t to say these health benefits are only felt by the elderly. The benefits they offer can help to prolong a healthy body, and therefore starting earlier rather than later seems to be a no-brainer.

Electric, or adjustable beds, such as the EB01 available at Flexispot, help relieve chronic pain from illnesses such as arthritis and sciatica. The EB01, like some other electric beds, allows you to select different head positions that relieve pressure being applied to your joints. This gives those same joints time to recover during sleep, rather than being worked day and night.

Blood circulation is something we all should be conscious of blood circulation, not just the elderly. An electric bed allows the position of the heart to be lower than the lower half of our bodies, thus allowing for greater blood flow and circulation. This improvement can assist issues such as oedemas and overgrown veins from forming.

Bad posture is something almost all office workers are conscious of, and electric beds might be the easy answer we’re looking for. In comparison to regular beds, electric beds are more smoothly contoured to our bodies, which allows for greater spine support and a more ‘natural’ seating/sleeping position. An improved posture has a plethora of health benefits associated with it - too many to touch on in this article!

Electric beds are also great if you’re recovering from injuries or have just had surgery. After an injury, we usually prop ourselves up on pillows for greater comfort. Adjustable beds do the same, but in a much more efficient, comfortable and ergonomic manner. Injuries that are elevated benefit from greater circulation as well as reducing swelling.

Lastly, but maybe most significantly for your long-suffering partner (or yourself), is the reduction of snoring! Electric beds allow your windpipe to be in a better position when sleeping, thus allowing for the free and uninterrupted flow of air. The unpleasant snoring occurs due to your windpipe being partially blocked - so electric beds help to fix this problem as well.

However, it’s not just those with health on their mind who can benefit from an adjustable/ electric bed. Electric beds allow for a wide range of lifestyle improvements that can complement the life you are already living.

Lifestyle Benefits

Relaxing in our beds has become the new normal, especially after the last few years. An increase in the variety of television and new subscription services - such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV - have made it easier than ever to spend time in our beds. Electric beds can make that experience even more luxurious.

An electric bed, in its upright position, can offer a far more comfortable seating position for you to enjoy your TV or your book. Traditionally, sitting upright or propped up against pillows will eventually result in neck and back pain - not something you want to develop when you’re meant to be relaxing. Using an adjustable bed allows you to transition from a comfortable lying position to an even more comfortable position with a great view of your TV or book.

An electric beds option of different sleeping positions, such as the EB01 by Flexispot, allows you and your partner to be in different positions at the same time. This means one of you to continue to watch TV late at night, or be in an upright position in the morning whilst the other can continue to rest.

Having the option to kick your feet up and get some work done from the comfort of your bed might sound extremely appealing to some - electric beds can make this happen. If you’ve spent your day working, the last thing you want to do is put your swollen feet to the test once again by working at your home desk. An electric desk allows you to lie down and get some work done in an upright position, which can

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into why adjustable beds are becoming the new normal - as well as exactly why they deserve to be!