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Dressing Up For When You Are Working From Home

24 June 2020

Your clothes can set your mood for the day 

You might want to start dressing up in the morning. A 2012 study found that clothes can affect your mood and even your productivity level. Even if you are working from home, doing this task will help you establish a routine and create certainty in an otherwise uncertain period. Besides, when you look and feel good, you will certainly have more confidence as you face your clients, boss, or colleagues during a virtual meeting. 

Since you do not have to comply with any dress code, you can start experimenting with your look too. Go shop for new items that will complement your new lifestyle. Rediscover your love for vintage clothes, if you will. If athleisure is your cup of tea, head to your favorite sports brand’s e-commerce site. 


A guide for the ladies

According to an NBC Philadelphia article, you can opt for comfortable clothes that will allow you to be inspired to work. You can just wear something a bit smarter when there are online meetings. Sporting a light blouse with dressy leggings can be a nice transitional outfit. You might feel a surge of competency and productivity just by a change of clothes. 

Just remember to opt for clothes with comfortable and breathable fabric especially if you have to take care of kids and pets at home. Another tip is to look for clothes that are made of light and stretchy material but that still looks professional. 

If you want to put on makeup, go for it! This Time piece says that wearing cosmetics is fine because it gives you a sense of normalcy. You can wear your favorite accessories for an instant pick-me-upper.   


Styling for men 

Guys, you can skip the collared shirts and slacks every day for now. Just like the women, you do not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort too. You can still look and dress the part of a professional with modern athleisure tops and bottoms

For casual days, you can go for joggers with polyester for the snug fit or a simple and sophisticated plain black shirt. But if you have a meeting, a comfortable but sharp-looking polo will do. 


Don’t forget to shave your quarantine beard, too. This New York Times article says why this is important: Your hair might get in the way when you wear a mask, which is a must these days.

You might also touch your face more often as your facial hair grows which can lead to self-contamination. 


What’s in your office?

Now that you look good, do you still feel good when you start working? We are talking about your workstation’s ergonomics, an important factor to consider when you want to stay healthy as you work. You will spend time in your office so you might as well invest in furniture that will keep you in good physical shape. 

A versatile and low-cost ergonomic fixture is the standing desk converter, which allows you to stand and sit intuitively. Studies show that a balance of those two activities will improve your posture, improve productivity level, and lessen body pains, and so on. 


Show up and look your best

Working from home might be the new normal for now. So it is up to you how you will motivate yourself to get work done in your home. You can start updating your wardrobe to better fit your new working environment. You now have the chance to redefine power dressing for success.