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Computer Programming 2021: How and Where to Learn

11 August 2021

The world as we know it by now won’t be the same without computer programming. Nowadays we are heavily reliant on the Internet, apps, and our smartphones for daily tasks and even our jobs. That said, most successes in the current decade are either from media or coding.

Media from social media fame is also made possible by coding. Most of the world’s richest people have gotten their success from coding. With the right set of skills and the right coded product, it is possible for anyone to have that success too.

Basically, computer programming is using a programming language to write a set of instructions to execute a set of tasks.

It is as simple as that. The first computer language was created in 1843 when Ada Lovelace, a mathematician created an algorithm that is intended to be used in Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine. 

From there, the successes in technology through programming have grown exponentially. Bill Gates started programming in 8th grade and went on to become the 4th richest man in the world. Mark Zuckerberg with a net worth of $128 B started Facebook in his student years at Harvard which used a web directory containing student pictures and names and asked students to choose the more attractive person.

The site was then shut down by the university for copyright, security, and privacy concerns. However, this project was the catalyst for creating the famed and successful social media platform.

The current Big Four in technology, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple have relied on coding and programming to reach the success they have now.

Scott Hassan wrote much of the code for the original Google search engine. This was a research project at Stanford University in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Although he left before Google officially became a company, he has pursued robotics to create Willow Garage. Right now the tech industry is worth $5 trillion with the United States representing 33% of the market or $1.3 trillion in revenue. The key categories in the US market are 20% in software, 18% on new devices and infrastructure, 29% in IT and business services, 21% on telecom services, and 13% on emerging technologies.

Why are these important to know?

These statistics show the prevalence and importance of technology on a global economic scale. Hence, the job market and market for building businesses out of IT services and products to cater to the current demand is very fertile. As of 2020, 80% of IT professionals have been surveyed to have a positive outlook on their job prospects, while only 20% have mixed feelings about it. Only a very small minority has a rather bleak outlook for the future of their career. The majority have their reasons, as companies scramble to respond to the needs and demands for contactless purchases and transactions due to health and safety concerns brought about by the pandemic.

With the demand for programmers, there is also demand to learn and keep up with the trends in programming languages. There are currently 8 highest-paying program languages in the market, which coders can learn to either increase their current income or jump to another higher-paying position.

One of the languages is Scala, which was created in Switzerland and addresses the weaknesses in the Java language. It is designed to be utilized in Java so that libraries can be cross-referenced on either code. Right now the average pay for coders with this skill is $150,000 annually.

Go, on the other hand, is a programming language created by Google in 2009. It is an open-source platform used even in well-known companies like Dropbox, SoundCloud, and Netflix. It’s very fast and has efficient use of computer memory, thus known to be the “server language of the future”. Around $140,000 annually is the approximate salary for coders of this language.

Objective-C is a great programming language to learn if one is interested in developing apps for iOS and Mac OS X. Specialists of this have more opportunities because of the connection with Apple and a high level of income amounting to approximately $135,000 annually.

Swift is another newer programming language that caters to macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Created in 2014, its main advantage is speed and having all the best features from other programming languages. Several other programming languages like Kotlin, Ruby on Rails, C#Java and Python nets the most high-paying jobs in the IT industry.

It would be easy for current IT professionals to improve their resume and skill set by learning another language. But it is also possible for those who are just interested and passionate to learn to code. Some you can even learn online for free. Universities like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT have free courses on their site for those who want to learn.

There are also online educational platforms like Coursera, Khan Academy, and Udemy. Some can even utilize Google to learn how to code. There are also Youtube videos and websites like freeCodeCamp if you’re really passionate about coding and upgrading your career and finances.

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