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Comparing Modern And Traditional Office Desks

04 July 2022

Office furniture has been a part of our lives for a long time, and it is interesting to see how it has evolved over the years. We can now look at office desks from decades ago, with the value of hindsight, and realise how impractical and bulky these pieces were. Traditional office furniture was made from heavy and dark wood, bringing quality and longevity but looking old-fashioned and out of place in today’s modern and fresh office spaces. These traditional pieces often had ornate carvings and plenty of detail, delivering a sense of luxury and grandness.

Years of research and clever design have enabled office furniture to evolve into sleeker, more streamlined products. Modern design is all about minimalism, subtlety and sharp, crisp lines. The emphasis of today’s office furniture is on ergonomic features to support the physical and mental well-being of workers.

Here, we will explore the differences between traditional and modern office desks and find out which is going to suit you and your business best.

Benefits Of Traditional Office Desks

The style of office furniture that you choose will depend greatly upon the style of your business and the image that you hope to project. Traditional office furniture projects experience, professionalism and maturity.

Traditional furniture is likely to be built to last from durable, high-quality materials. With traditional timeless designs, it can maintain its functionality and appeal for many years.

Are There Any Downsides To Traditional Office Desks?

While some people desire the classic look of traditional office desks, others are likely to find it dated and boring. Traditional heavy, dark woods can seem very old-fashioned and out of place in a modern work environment. You may also find yourself facing a hefty price tag if you are looking to invest in antique or vintage desks. Particularly if they are made from solid wood. You need to decide if your desire for traditional elegance is worth the extra cost.

Benefits Of Modern Office Desks

If your business is future-oriented and focused on modern culture, then traditional office furniture just will not fit in with the ethos of your company. Instead, sleek and stylish modern furniture will portray the contemporary and fresh style of your business.

Modern office desks have numerous ergonomic and practical features that traditional office desks just cannot offer. These features help to boost employee comfort and productivity. You can also benefit from additional organisational features, such as a cable management design and integrated storage space. Today’s office desks are designed with a modern office in mind. Office dynamics have changed considerably over the years and desk design has had to change alongside it to accommodate and support our fast-paced working life.

Modern desks typically offer more customisation options, for example, the ability to choose from a range of different and exciting colours. You will probably find that, despite the extra features, modern office desks are considerably cheaper than their traditional counterparts. This is because modern furniture makers have moved away from using solid wood, and instead make use of manufactured materials, which are cheaper but still offer quality and durability.

Research into the effects of a sedentary work life on an employee's physical and mental health paved the way for the development of modern and innovative standing desks, designed to increase the mobility and activity of workers throughout the day. Contemporary furniture lines may also greater flexibility in seating arrangements and encourage shared workspaces to boost employee collaboration. There are lots of modern modular desk solutions that allow you to add or remove pieces as you see fit.

Which Style Suits Your Company Best?

Before choosing between a traditional and modern look, you should think about the specifics of your company. Do you offer a traditional service, such as financial or legal services, and would benefit from the professional, timeless and dependable profile portrayed by traditional office desks? Or are you an up-and-coming business that offers trendier services or products? If so, a trendy office design would be the ideal match for your business. You may even see fit to merge the traditional and modern - taking aspects of both styles and creating a unique design.

Whichever style you choose, there will be plenty of options available for you to customise your space and inject some individuality.

How Can Flexispot Help?

Explore Flexispot’s range of ergonomically designed and stylish office desks for inspiration. We specialise in providing modern office furniture that prioritises the health and mental wellbeing of office workers. Our products are designed using state-of-the-art technology and are built to last, backed up by our warranty. With the risks of a sedentary lifestyle clear, Flexispot offers an extensive range of height-adjustable standing desks, providing you with the flexibility to move around throughout the day. If you want to be brave and fully embrace the modern office, consider replacing your standard office desk with a desk bike.