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Combining Style and Ergonomics: Our Newest Height-Adjustable Desk

09 October 2022

The Ergonomic Revolution for Your Workplace

Ergonomic office furniture has completely changed the world of office design. With more and more of us working from home or adapting to different work environments, ergonomic office furniture, height adjustable desks or standing desks and flexible support have become essential as the world of work has changed and workers have been moved to adapt to new challenges. Amongst this space, many of us have reevaluated our work/life balance and have come to better recognise the stresses that a poor and unsupportive working environment has placed on our bodies.

Their optimum support and endless flexibility have made ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, standing desks, and multi-working solutions a mainstay in today’s office spaces. A comfortable office desk setup is essential to maintaining good health and optimum focus during your working day. As the ergonomic furniture and height adjustable desk offering has developed, more innovative designs have developed, making office furniture that’s both functional and stylish a real possibility.

The Science Behind Ergonomic Style

As Planwell Strategies explains, studies find that 86% of office workers struggle with body aches and strains, trapped nerves, and long-term posture problems due to improper office furniture, whilst 79% of reported back injuries suffered by workers occur within improper working environments without the correct office furniture. However, those aches and pains don’t have to be part of your working life: ergonomic office furniture – including height adjustable desks and standing desks - can revolutionise your working environment and improve your health.

Ergonomic chairs and height adjustable desks allow for continued adjustment to suit your most comfortable and healthy posture, alongside the best back and lumbar support while seated. Standing desks allow for flexibility and a full range of posture support throughout the working day. As such, they can make back and neck pain a thing of the past, especially for those who sit for long hours of the day.

When we feel comfortable and pain-free thanks to improved ergonomic support, our workplace productivity is improved, alongside optimised motivation. Ergonomic furniture honours the most natural working position for your body, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without distraction or discomfort.

Ergonomic Excellence: The Retro Height Adjustable Desk EHD5 from Flexispot

At Flexispot, we’re committed to the provision of the best quality ergonomic office furniture as we know what a difference it can make. Our newest height adjustable desk, the Retro Height Adjustable Desk EHD5, offers the ultimate combination of classic, traditional style with the best in ergonomic technology. With its release due this October, we want to share the full range of features and how this new office desk offer can optimise your working day and allow you to get your order in early!

The EHD5 is a striking, statement ergonomic height-adjustable desk with fully automatic height adjustable mechanism, with a range of 75cm to 125cm - a range for every project! With an imitation mahogany finish in a traditional style, you can transform your office into a classic and sophisticated workspace to inspire whatever project you’re working on. Adjusting your desk height means any task is a breeze, allowing a full range of comfort for whatever you’re working on. A sophisticated anti-collision feature also ensures you can transfer swiftly from seated to standing with ease, protecting your tech, paperwork - and, perhaps most importantly, your coffee!

Whilst some ergonomic standing desks or height adjustable desks can sacrifice on sturdiness, you can also rely on a durable and high-performance desktop from our latest October addition. At 11cm desk thickness with capacity for a table load of up to 40kg, you can be sure the EHD5 can meet your needs and take the strain. Whether you’re working on design plans, construction projects, or just a heavy report - this desk can hold it all whilst offering the best in ergonomic support.

When it comes to seamless tech integration and discreet storage, the EHD5 excels. With multiple USB ports within easy reach, you can keep all your devices charged and connected - from mobiles to tablets to laptops, keep everything ready to go in one place. Storage is ample with a deep yet secure internal drawer measuring 55cm x 28cm x 5cm, with room for paperwork, notebooks, and as much as stationary as you like!

Preparing For a Fresh, Productive Season

From a morning coffee and catching up on the news, to daily online browsing, planning that holiday, or your next big work project, the Retro Height Adjustable Desk EHD5 can cover all of your requirements. Its style and adaptability, paired with the most flexible range of ergonomic and intuitive support yet, make this one of favourite offers in the ergonomic office furniture space, and we’re incredibly excited to offer it to our Flexispot customers from October 2022.

Are you ready to revolutionise your working space? Aches and pains, stress and low mood, and lack of focus and productivity can be a thing of the past, and you can take a fresh wave of energy into the Autumn months. Place your pre-order today to take home our best desk yet.