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Celebrate Your Furry Feline Friend on the International Cat Day

08 August 2022

Yes, there’s a day in the year on which we celebrate man’s most ancient pet. It was founded in 2002 to honor cats for being such an important part of the lives of millions of people around the globe. Cats deserve to be celebrated for just being that cute but they do so much more than that. Just petting a cat for a few minutes can drastically reduce your cortisol levels which is a hormone that causes stress. Other than that, having a cat as a pet is easy, as they don’t require much attention and take care of their cleanliness.

So, on this International Cat Day, celebrate your furry friend properly. A great way to celebrate this day is by getting your cat a gift. This way you can also have some fun while shopping for your cute furry friend. Or you can simply spend a little time with them after all your time is the best gift you can ever get them. But, if you are having a bit of trouble knowing how to celebrate this day with your adorable cat, don’t worry. Here we have made for you a list of all the activities you can do with your pet, to celebrate this day properly.

We understand that every cat has a different taste when it comes to having fun. That’s why we have kept our list diverse to fit the mood of any kind of cat:

1. Bring Cats A New Toy

If you are a fan of pet toys, this activity is going to be super fun for you. But, since this is a special day, you can buy that specific toy that you always had your eyes on but you would never buy for some reason. It is also important to consider the interests of your pet when going gift shopping for them. And then on 8th August, you can see that little twinkle in their eye and their excitement when you surprise them with their new toy.

2. Make A New Place For Them To Play

You want your cat to be active and playful. You can build a few shelves or add new furniture around the house to provide space for your cat to jump, play, and burn energy. Your cat will definitely love the new space for it to play around or simply rest.

3. Groom And Massage Them Gently

A massage can be very soothing for your cat. Your touch can reduce stress and anxiety, especially if your cat tends to be nervous. It is a great way to calm them down and let them know that you care about them. You can also use this technique of grooming and massaging to gain the trust of a cat that’s a stranger to you.

4. Cook For Them

You can also celebrate this special day by baking or cooking your cat’s favorite treats. But, make sure that you follow a specific recipe. You don’t want to be cleaning your cat’s sick the next day.

5. Take Your Cat For A Walk

Is there a park or a secluded space that your cat likes? If yes, you can take your cat on a walk. But, keep away from places that are too crowded or noisy as most cats get anxious and nervous in such spaces. Be sure that your cat is comfortable with going outside. Experts suggest that you should not force your cat to do any activity that could make it uncomfortable.

6. Spend Quality Time With Your Cat

It is a common misconception that these cute little furbabies don’t like spending time with their Hooman. Spending quality time with your kitty is the best gift you could ever give it on this special day. Depending upon whether your cat is outdoor and what kind of activities it likes, you can schedule some quality time with it.

7. Play Hunt With Your Cat

The lasers, the stuffed mice, and all the electronic toys mimic the act of hunting. This activity is extremely important for kitties that do not like going outside. Playing games with your cat that mimic hunting is not only fun for you but it plays an important role in the physical and mental stimulation of your cat.

8. Organize A Small Party

For some people, this may be a tiny bit far-fetched but organizing a party can be fun for both you and your cat. Before you do this make sure that your cat is comfortable around new people and doesn’t get anxious among crowds. You can invite other people with cats who also want to celebrate their adorable furbabies.

Final Word

Cats have been with Humankind for as long as we can remember. They have played a significant role in our history and now stay with us as our pets and friends. They deserve to be celebrated. Along with them, we should also celebrate all the organizations and shelters that work hard every single day to give a better life to stray and abandoned cats. And last but not least every single person who adopts a cat, whether it is stray, injured, or abandoned, should be appreciated as well.