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Can You Use a Foam Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

15 Aug. 2022

Adjustable beds do not restrict your choices when it comes to mattress selection. Adjustable beds do suffer a little with firmer mattresses but the good news is that foam mattresses are a great choice for adjustable beds because of the added flexibility.

Foam mattresses are not just flexible, they offer superior comfort in comparison to other types of mattresses. They also offer additional health benefits that complement the functions and purpose of adjustable beds.

The Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

A sound night's sleep is great for your health, and nothing helps your slumber go smoother than a good-quality memory foam mattress.

When teamed up with an adjustable bed, a memory foam mattress can do wonders for your health. It provides a soft yet supported surface for your body to achieve deep rest. It also helps to address morning stiffness when you wake up in the morning.

Along with the added flexibility of an adjustable bed, that allows you to sleep in a greater variety of positions, you can help cure ailments such as:

● Insomnia

● Stress

● Depression

● Lower back pain

● Upper back pain

● Snoring

● Leg pain

● Cramps

Memory foam mattresses are also great for pregnancy! Finding a comfortable position while pregnant can be a challenge, especially when lying on your back possible during the later trimesters.

If you are pregnant but wish to sleep on your back, a memory foam mattress will adapt and give you added support. The upright function on the adjustable bed will relieve pressure on your back caused by the extra weight on your front.

Tackling Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders usually accompany other mental health problems. While not all mental health problems can be solved with sleep, deep rest certainly goes a long way to help.

Lack of sleep caused by discomfort and other nighttime factors can contribute to the following mental health problems:

● Depression

● Anxiety

● Stress

● Burn out

● Chronic fatigue

Even those who do not suffer from sleep disorders continuously will notice a dip in their mood if they do not get enough sleep. By investing in your sleep with a memory foam mattress and an adjustable bed, you will feel your moods lift, and gain better clarity, insight and peace of mind during the day.

With the adjustable functions of the bed, you can sleep in any position you want. You can even programme the bed (if it is electric) to move into different positions during the night - if you find you wake up at the same time every night to move into a certain position.

The memory foam mattress will envelop your body in a supportive and comfortable hug while you sleep. It relieves pressure on the back, neck and joints, making you feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud.

Head and Neck Pain Management

When it comes to talking about bed frames and mattresses, most of the attention is on the body, but the head and neck suffer most from an uncomfortable night's sleep.

Foam mattresses are flexible but dense. They are robust enough to support the weight of your head and neck but flexible enough to accommodate your shape and your movements. To maximise comfort for your head and neck, invest in a memory foam pillow to go with your mattress.

Adjustable beds also take the pressure off your head. When adjust slightly upright, the pressure is off your upper shoulders. The good news is that snorers will also find relief in this position too!

With all the elements of the memory foam pillow, mattress and adjustable bed you can wave goodbye to morning aches and pains. This combination gives you the ultimate flexibility for sleep for your entire body, not just your joints.

Postural Realignment

When asleep our bodies fall into our natural posture. However, this is difficult in a traditional bed as it is an entirely flat surface that is often too firm or stiff to support your body's natural alignment. As a result, your body adjusts itself to the mattress, instead of the other way around. This leaves you with stiff joints, aching muscles and a bad night's sleep.

Memory foam mattresses adjust to you, so your body doesn't have to suffer.

In a nutshell, a memory foam mattress is not just a good match for your adjustable bed, it's a match made in heaven.

Both the bed and the mattress offer flexibility like nothing else, and just you a bespoke and unique sleeping experience.

They are supportive in getting a good night's sleep, which is exactly what is needed whether you are stressed out of a busy period of work or have long-standing mental health problems. Giving your mind a break as well as your body is the best thing you can do for your health overall.

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