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Can Electric Beds Make You More Productive?

05 August 2022

Electric beds are the big new thing that people are talking about. However, what are the benefits associated with them? Can they actually make you more productive?

This article will explore that question, and discuss the surprising ways in which an electric bed might do a lot more than just make you more comfortable.

Improved Sleep

The most significant benefit of adjustable beds is they can improve your sleep significantly. There are many reasons for this but we will only have time to cover a couple of the main ones. Firstly, they allow for your body to be positioned in a way that suits you and therefore improves your comfort level.

A flat bed is often not the ideal shape for our bodies and it might mean you have to find temporary solutions - such as stacking pillows here and there. An electric bed, on the other hand, can prop up your head and find you that perfect sleeping position.

These customised positions also have knock-on effects that help you get better sleep. The biggest one of these is it can help reduce snoring. Snoring is caused when air is prevented from passing between the windpipe and the lungs, which is caused by the weight of our necks blocking our windpipes.

An adjustable bed can raise our heads and therefore prevent snoring. If you have a snoring partner, this will help you sleep at night - and if you are the snoring partner, this is an excellent way to stop your partner from waking you up.

Lastly, electric beds can be adjusted to fit each individual user. This means that your partner sleeping next to you can raise or lower it depending on their requirements and you can do the same, allowing you both to have a bed that suits your preferences rather than a bed that is only adequate for both of you.

The knock-on effect of this is that both of you get less restless and less active during sleep, allowing for deeper and more comfortable rest. This will leave you feeling far more refreshed in the morning.

We all know that the best way to kick start a productive day is to jump out of bed and get moving without a struggle, and electric beds can really help with that!

Pain Relief

Adjustable beds, such as the EB01 from Flexispot, assist in providing relief from chronic pain caused by illnesses like arthritis and sciatica. The EB01, due to its customisable positions, allows you to position your head and legs in different ways thus relieving the pressure that is applied to your joints throughout the day.

Those joints won’t have pressure on them throughout the night which will allow them to recover and strengthen rather than continuously being worn down.  

Electric beds also help with our bad backs and posture – a pain that is all too familiar for office-based workers. Contrasting with normal beds, electric beds provide a more body contoured shape which provides greater support to our spines and necks.

This helps us to rest in a more natural position which improves our posture – a crucial point that is associated with lots of different health benefits.

All of this is to say that electric beds can reduce the pains that we encounter on a daily basis. Pain and discomfort can severely impact productivity. They can take you out of your focus and prevent you from working for longer periods of time.

An electric bed can therefore diminish the pain and therefore increase your ability to concentrate.


Due to their adjustable nature, electric beds can put you in a much more comfortable position. With Work From Home here to stay, this might sound like a very appealing prospect.

Being able to sit in an upright position comfortably, means you can get some small tasks (or big ones) done in the morning or before bed. This can help break up your workflow and mean you can quickly respond to the essential items first thing before having a much more leisurely breakfast and shower.

However, try not to do too much work in the evenings as that can actually negatively affect your sleep routine and productivity!

Healthy For Longer

Adjustable beds have a lot of hidden health benefits that can have improve your long-term productivity by making you healthier for longer.

Electric beds allow for the positioning of your heart to be lower than the lower half of your body, which allows for much greater blood flow and circulation. An increased blood circulation prevents oedemas and overgrown veins from forming and can also improve sleep, increase concentration and enhance your mental wellbeing.

It’s clear to see that keeping your body in a healthy condition through the use of an electric bed is a sure-fire way to make you more productive!