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Best Co-Working Spaces in Glasgow

25 August 2022

Glasgow is notably the powerhouse of Scotland’s economy. Many multinational and tech start-ups view the city as a prime location for their companies thanks to the large volume of talent available.

However, with the onset of the pandemic, over the last few years, businesses have started to adopt fully remote or hybrid working. With that being said, working from home is not always viable for everyone and this is where co-working spaces come in. Glasgow in particular has a ton of excellent options to choose from.

Each space provides its own unique set of amenities that make finding a space suitable for you or your business a breeze. Here are some of the best co-working spaces Glasgow has to offer.

1. Red Tree Magenta

Red Tree Magenta is one of the best co-working spaces Glasgow has to offer. The space is vibrant, lively, and just overall welcoming. It is one of the most pursued spaces in the city centre.

The space offers many amenities, including an alarm system, lift access, electric car charging stations, secure bike storage, break-out spaces, and a communal kitchen. On top of this, there are also lockers, free parking, free coffee, and wheelchairs for those who need them.

Hot-desking rates start at £99 per month. You can also get a dedicated desk for £151 per month or an entire private office for £300 per month. Red Tree Magenta is an amazing choice for start-ups, companies, businesses, and freelancers alike.

2. Clockwise Offices

Clockwise Offices is another phenomenal co-working space within Glasgow. Not only can human professionals enjoy the space, but it is dog-friendly, too, so you can bring along your furry office buddy to keep you company.

There are many amenities, including break-out areas, kitchenettes, club lounges, 24/7 access to the space, maintenance, and security. The space also provides projectors, lockers, showers, retail space, phone booths, printing and scanning, Chromecast, an outdoor terrace, board games, massage services, a parking facility, and microphones to the professionals working there.

Clockwise Offices offers a vegan menu, which is incredibly popular among those using the space, as well as gluten-free and vegetarian options. There is free water, an onsite café, and an onsite barista.

Access to the club lounge starts at £100 per person each month. You can also choose a private office for £100 per workstation each month or a virtual office for £50 per month. Clockwise Office is a great option for professionals, freelancers, small businesses, and start-ups.

3. Orega Glasgow

If you are looking for a space that is at the peak of grandeur with several super sophisticated amenities, then look no further than Orega in Glasgow. This co-working space is incredibly popular, and it’s only a short walk away from Glasgow’s Central Railway Station. There is also a subway station nearby and many tasty eateries and bars.

Some amenities provided by the space include keyless access, CCTV monitoring, concierge services, collaboration spaces, and generous desk space. To learn more about the rates for this space, you can contact them directly.

Orega Glasgow makes a great co-working space for freelancers, professionals, enterprises, and businesses.

4. Collabora8te

Collabora8te is a cosy co-working space with ergonomic furniture and wonderful amenities. The space regularly hosts networking events and workshops that benefit the professionals who work there.

Some of the amenities offered are mail forwarding, mailing addresses, training rooms, storage and lockers, and key access. There are also phone booths, event spaces, Chromecast, printing, dual and single monitor options, bicycle parking, wheelchairs, a communal kitchen, and free tea, coffee, and snacks.

The rate for a hot desk starts at £40, and a dedicated desk will cost around £225 per month. If you require more space, you can get an occasional office for £95+VAT or a regular base for £150+VAT. There is even a coffee meter for £40 per month.

Collabora8te is great for business owners, employees, freelancers, and other professionals that are looking for a dedicated workspace.

5. Toad’s Caravan

There are so many awesome reasons to try out Toad’s Caravan as your next co-working space. The quirky name is rather appropriate for this amazing creative space that will truly get your imagination flowing.

The space offers so many amenities, including internet access, free tea and coffee, security, cleaning services, and air conditioning. Professionals can also make use of the standing desks, printing facilities, events, personal lockers, advanced computer systems, maker spaces, and co-living accommodations.

A hot desk in this co-working space starts at £190 per month, and a dedicated desk is around £250 per month. You can also choose between a day pass at £20 per day or a monthly pass at £150 per month. Toad’s Caravan is an excellent choice for creative professionals, freelancers, filmmakers, and animators.


If you are looking to help your business or career thrive, try using a co-working space near you. These spaces provide all you could possibly need to enjoy your workday and grow your business or career.

Each of these co-working spaces in Glasgow offers its unique benefits. You can look through these to choose a space that fits your particular needs or the needs of your business.

Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to get work done in a pleasant setting, each of these co-working spaces would make a great option to look into.