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Best Co-Working Spaces in Edinburgh

18 August 2022

There is an incredibly high demand for co-working spaces in the city of Edinburgh, which comes as no surprise considering the wide pool of professionals that reside in the city and the benefits of working out of a co-working space.

In the last 10 years, Edinburgh has been deemed the best large city for foreign direct investment strategies and the best large European city of the future. Co-working spaces in Edinburgh are a vital part of its business culture.

There are many different co-working spaces to choose from within the Scottish capital. Below is a list of the best options to choose from when searching for a co-working space in Edinburgh.

1. The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is among the oldest co-working spaces in Edinburgh. In fact, it was one of the first of its kind to open up in the entire world.

Over time, The Melting Pot has changed to match the new age of working patterns. The space was kick-started in October 2007 by its founding and managing director, Claire Carpenter, who wanted a better learning and working space within her home city.

The space has many amenities, including fast and reliable Wi-Fi, gender-neutral toilets, private nooks, booths, breakout spaces, meeting rooms, seated and standing desks, unlimited tea and coffee, printing, scanning, photocopying, full kitchen facilities, and active hosting by their team.

And if you enjoy having your pet in your workplace, you can bring your pet with you at The Melting Pot.

A fixed desk will cost £300 per month. A hot desk with unlimited access goes for about £200 per month, and a hot desk with 35 hours of access each month is £85 per month.

2. Tribe Porty

Tribe Porty is designed around the way freelancers, start-ups, and flex-workers operate on a day-to-day basis. The space is just a short walk from the city’s coastline and Portobello Beach.

It contains 30 office spaces and permanent desks altogether. Access to the space is allowed 24/7, but it is booked on a 12-month minimum basis.

The amenities Tribe Porty offers include fibre-optic broadband, kitchen facilities, meeting rooms, social lunches, and 24-hour access to the space. There are varying prices depending on what you are looking for. Studios cost between £250 and £950 per month, permanent desks are £190 per month, and hot desks go for between £30 and £150 per month.

3. Schop

Co-Work: Schop maintains affordable prices and flexible terms that can benefit any professional. These traits make this co-working space one of the most sought-after spaces in the city of Edinburgh.

The space is set in what were formerly Victorian shops, which provide a mixture of quirky style and traditional vibes. Schop is truly unlike any other space. There are two locations, one on St. Mary’s Street and the other on Grindlay Street, on either side of Edinburgh Castle.

Schop offers many great amenities, including high-speed internet, printing, photocopying, a communal kitchen, lockers, and meeting rooms. The prices differ depending on the location. At the space on St. Mary’s Street, the rate is £49 per week, and at the space on Grindlay Street, the rate is £225 per month.

4. TechCube

TechCube is a fantastic local start-up hub. The space is located on the edge of The Meadows park, not far from the city centre. It provides much-needed support for the work of small businesses, tech workers, and creative types that are within the Summerhill Art Complex in Edinburgh.

The co-working space is open at all hours, which is great for any type of schedule one might have. TechCube is a very popular space.

The amenities offered include fibre-optic internet, secure bike storage, 24-hour access, meeting rooms, secure office space, hot desking, and even a kitchen. If you are curious to know about prices, you will need to make an enquiry to the TechCube team directly.

5. Spaces

The team at Spaces describes their co-working space as classic and contemporary. The space is located right in Lochrin Square. Innovators, from small business employees to entrepreneurs alike, can work beside each other at Spaces, which has a hardworking and energetic professional community.

Spaces often hosts networking events all year long in the West End District, which contains a lot of fine dining and great places to socialize. The co-working space has 28 dedicated desks, over 100 private offices, breakout areas, 8 parking spots, and 4 meeting rooms.

The amenities provided at Spaces include fast Wi-Fi and disability access. Prices at Spaces start at £93 to £250 for each person per month. Booking a meeting room costs £49 per hour.


When you mostly work remotely, you do not have to work from home all the time. A co-working space is a great option to give yourself a dedicated workspace in which you can meet other professionals and take advantage of some great amenities.

Each co-working space offers its own benefits, so you can choose a space that best fits your needs and career goals. They all each have a different setting and vibe, giving you the option to pick a space that makes you feel comfortable.

Edinburgh is an economic powerhouse, and its business culture reflects that. Using this list, you can easily take advantage of the amazing co-working spaces the Scottish capital has to offer.