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Best Co-Working Spaces Across the United Kingdom

23 May 2022

Traditional offices are slowly becoming a thing of the past, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many businesses are opting for the freedom to allow employees to choose where they want to work, whether remotely, in an office, or in a proper co-working space. These spaces can be vital for employees that are working remotely as they provide a set working environment and socialization, which is crucial for all human beings.

Often, co-working spaces allow you to book on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which provides flexibility that can easily suit your work schedule. You can even request private offices for an additional fee.

Most co-working spaces are very considerately designed and can offer a welcome change from home to many remote workers. These spaces also offer extras like networking, socialization, industry talks, and wellness facilities. These opportunities can help employees grow professionally and personally.

To our surprise - a lot of remote workers are pretty unaware of what’s available in their area as far as co-working spaces are concerned. And so, in this article, we will take a look at some of the best co-working spaces in the United Kingdom.


Flora offers a group of co-working spaces all throughout London. There are 13 co-working houses, with another two opening later this year.

Their style honours the heritage of the building that houses the co-working space but also provides an unmistakable and relaxing aesthetic that is unique to Flora. Each co-working space provides a gym and other wellness facilities for its members to enjoy.

Physical training sessions and group classes are offered for all members. With your membership, you can even take advantage of classes that are happening in other locations aside from your main co-working site.

Flora spaces also offer fully stocked kitchens with tea, coffee, and biscuits. Some even boast a vertical salad bar that members can pull from to add to their lunches for a healthy snack.

Colony Astley

Colony Astley is situated in Manchester. They do not offer a community events programme but make up for it with their stunning aesthetic. There are four Colony Astley locations within the city. Each exudes the vibe of a members-only club with exclusive access.

These co-working spaces also offer a discount card for their members. These cards provide perks that can be used at local businesses. Some of these perks include longer happy hours and discounted gym memberships.


AndCo co-working spaces are located around London. They can best be described as an Airbnb for your work. At £20 per month, you can have access to over 400 different locations. All you need to do is use the app to find them and book them.

This price is much less expensive than what standard co-working spaces typically cost. You can also check out new places by booking in different areas.

Cosy cafes, hotel bars, pubs, and restaurants make up some of the co-working spaces that AndCo has to offer. These locales are great for anything from lunch meetings to taking notes and reading emails.

Through the AndCo app, it is easy to find, book, and cancel your time slot. Some places even offer food and drink discounts when you book them. There are even locations outside of central London, as well, which is perfect if you’re not right in the middle of London.

Distil Co-Working

If you are situated in Bristol, consider checking out Distil Co-Working. It can be found right in the centre of Old Town. From here, you can take advantage of everything that the city has to offer.

The space even opens onto St Nicholas Market, which you can walk through to sample the street food vendors every Tuesday and Friday. Distil Co-Working provides an excellent aesthetic and a full bar, which is great when networking and socialising with others.

Its members get unlimited free tea, coffee, and fruit. They also receive a bar allowance to unwind a bit after work. There is even an open fire for those colder days.

Neighbourhood Works

Neighbourhood Works can be found in London. The co-working space is open 24 hours a day, providing ample flexibility to fit with any work schedule.

It is a beautiful place where creative people can greatly benefit from working at. Neighbourhood Works also promotes a lot of community spirit.

Its members receive vouchers that can be used with Beam, which is a platform that funds employment training for anyone who is homeless. The co-working space also provides community events for its members, including guest talks, workshops, and networking events.

The space Neighbourhood Works provides its members with an abundance of meeting rooms, phone booths, communal tables, and private spaces.


There are several amazing co-working spaces professionals can take advantage of throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you are looking to steer away from traditional offices or get out of your work-from-home rut, these co-working spaces are a great option to try.

Each has a unique aesthetic that is gorgeous and professional. You can look through the amenities each place provides to see which best suits your working needs.