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Benefits of an adjustable electric bed

20 June 2022

Growing up, most of us would only have encountered an electric adjustable bed if we found ourselves having a hospital stay or an extremely luxurious hotel stay. But gone are those times, and the time is finally here when you can have an adjustable bed all of your own in the comfort of your own home.

Recently having burst onto the scene as the new must-have piece of kit in homeware technology, electric adjustable beds have been changing the game when it comes to the quality of sleep and comfort you can achieve at home. Most commonly found in hospitals, where people need their sleeping position to facilitate health and regeneration as much as possible, it's clear that adjustable beds come packed with benefits. That’s why FlexiSpot has poured its efforts into creating a new electric adjustable bed frame designed to bring you the beneits of a good night’s sleep. But what exactly are those benefits, you might ask? If you’re considering improving your night’s sleep with an adjustable bed, here are 5 of the top benefits you can expect to gain:

1. Improve circulation

How well your blood flows throughout your body is a major component in determining the quality of sleep you get at night. The kind of mattress you sleep on, and the position in which you sleep, will have a great effect on how blood can make its way through the body. An adjustable bed can be used to maneouvre your body into positions that facilitate better blood flow throughout your night’s sleep. By positioning the body so as to reduce pressure in your extremities, blood can more easily make its way through your vascular system - reducing stress on the body and improving the restorative powers of your sleep.

2. Aid digestion

Even while your body is sleeping, there is no stop to the process of digestion and the breakdown of energy. Unfortunately, when you sleep lying flat on your back, this can slow down the process of digestion to the point where it is almost entirely halted. This causes many people to wake up feeling bloated or with discomfort as a result of indegestion. Adjusting your bed to have an incline of around 10cm can be enough to align the digestive tract so that digestion continues throughout the night without a hitch, leaving you feeling light and cleansed in the morning.

3. Tackle persistent back pain

It is suspected that up to 10% of all adults suffer from some kind of chronic back pain. The cause of such pain varies from person to person, but oftentimes the furniture we routinely use is a major culprit. Sitting in stiff office chairs and sleeping in beds that don’t allow for personal adjustment forces the body into unnatural and uncomfortable positions that contribute to persistent back pain. The beauty of an adjustable bed frame is that no matter what the particular cause of your back pain, you can change your sleeping arrangements to tackle the specific problem at hand. Your bed can be adjusted to fit the natural contour of your body and cushion the parts that are sensitive and in need of reduced pressure. With such a bed frame, you can do away with the need for fancy pillows and bed toppers designed to fulfill the same purpose - and wave goodbye to the stress of chronic back pain.

4. Combat breathing issues such as asthma, apnea and snoring

Most people enjoy sleeping flat out on their backs, and for many body types this may be the only comfortable option for sleeping. However, sleeping flat out on your back is the reason behind many of the breathing issues commonly faced during sleep - including snoring, light asthma, and sleep apnea (breathing that stops and starts throughout sleep). Lying flat creates pressure along the throat that can cause it to restrict and produce irregular breath and the sound of snoring. Using an adjustable bedframe, you can create a tilt at just the right angle to reduce the pressure and constriction along the windpipe that causes these disturbing sleep issues - giving you and your loved ones a better night’s sleep.

5. Remedy acid reflux

Even on an empty stomach, acid reflux and heartburn can still occur throughout the night. Lying flat allows stomach acids to flow out of the stomach and back up the digestive tract through the oesophagus. This can lead to a sore throat, or waking up with the feeling of acid reflux or heartburn, and can lead to feelings of nausea in the morning. Over time, continued exposure of the oesophagal tract to acid can create long term damage which may be hard to undo. Elevating the head by as little as 10cm with an adjustable bed frame can be enough to use gravity and counteract the flow of acid back up the digestive tract, waving goodbye to acid reflux and nauseous starts to the day.

With the release of FlexiSpot’s new electric adjustable bed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be getting the most of all these health benefits. Improve your night’s sleep with the simple edition of a personalised electric bed frame.