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Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

14 June 2022

Although adjustable beds have been around fr a while and are widely used in healthcare, they have only just started to enter our homes.

Adjustable beds have comfort-enhancing features and reduce back and leg pain, and are becoming the bed of choice for many people. For people who want to have better sleep quality, are fond of comfort and have pre-exisitng ailments, buying an adjustable bed is a game changer.

Even if you do not have any health problems, adjustable beds are appreciated by many sleepers for the advantages they offer in terms of comfort. Adjustable beds are preferred by those who have sleep problems and those who wake up constantly during sleep. Adjustable beds have many different setting that can get you ready for the most comfortable and deepest of sleep.

Here are some advantages that an adjustable bed can offer you.

Sleep, Massage, Rest, Repeat

When you come home after a busy work schedule, nothing is better than a relaxing massage, however many of us do not have the time to get to the spa so our therapists iron out those tense muscles.

Many adjustable beds come with massage features or deep vibration settings that can help you melt away the stress of the day. Due to the adjustable nature of the bed, you can move yourself into a position that is comfortable for you while the massager does all the work.

Adjustable beds offer personalized experiences in terms of a comfort compared to ordinary beds and gives you more flexibility and options when it comes to the quality of your sleep.

Ergonomic Pre-Bedtime Relaxation

Adjustable beds are not just for sleeping, they are a great alternative to the sofa for a relaxing night in.

After a stressful working day, you can close your eyes and lie down on your adjustable bed and watch TV or you can lean back to read a favorite book and enjoy the comfort. You can adjust the position of your bed as you wish to maximise comfort and support.

Adjustable beds are ideal for those with neck, back, and leg pain, who find sitting on the sofa for too long uncomfortable. With versatile orthopedic options, there is an adjustable bed out there for almost everybody.

Fall Asleep Faster

Sleep can be an issue for some people. Not being able to sleep in a comfortable position or not having a comfortable bed for quality sleep also brings addi]tional sleep problems.

Sleep allows us to create the energy necessary to start the new day, it renews the body and mind and allows us to wake up ready to go.

Therefore, adjustable beds provide definitive solutions for all kinds of sleep disorders. The fact that it can be adjusted according to your personal preferences allows you to sleep in whichever position you are most comfortable in.

Today, many hospitals prefer adjustable beds for their patients. The main reasons for this are to minimize the existing pain of the patients and to create a comfortable space for them.

A comfortable bed helps you fall asleep in a shorter time, allowing you to sleep for longer and deeper throughout the night.

Stop the Snoring

Snoring is a problematic condition, especially for couples. If your partner has a snoring problem, you probably have resorted to many things to try to solve this problem.

Snoring can have many causes such as congestion in the nose, excessive alcohol consumption, sleeping pills, excess weight and tonsil swelling etc and whils some can be resolved quickly, other take months, which inevitably may cause problems between couples.

Adjustable beds allow you to raise the head about he heart comfortable,, minimizing the problem of snoring.

Snoring is usually caused by the tongue narrowing the airways of your throat. If you lie flat on your back, you are more likely to snore. Therefore, if you bring your head to a slightly  upright position, your breathing will become more regular and snoring will decrease.

Overtiredness is a common and underestimated cause of snoring. Since you can get better quality sleep in an adjustable bed, it may help the problem to correct itself!

Say Goodbye to Back Pain

Back pain is a serious problem experienced by many people, these pains are often caused by wrong posture alignments and certain sitting positions can cause serious problems in the future.

Thanks to the adjustable bed, you can lie in the position you feel most comfortable and minimize your pain.

While you can only change your sleeping postion in an ordinary bed, thanks to the adjustable beds, you can put the bed in the position you want and sleep more comfortably without pain.

Adjustable mattresses spread the pressure on your back from the center, allowing you to sleep more comfortably, while helping to relax the back area and reduce the pressure.

The memory foam technology used in adjustable beds defines your sleeping position and determines the most suitable position for you, and you can have a sound sleep all night long.

Adjustable beds offer a unique opportunity for those with chronic pain and those who receive physiotherapy, thats why they are widely used in many hospitals.