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Back Pain? It’s Time For A New Office Chair

08 February 2022

Investing In Your Wellness

We spend approximately a third of our life at work, and for the vast majority of us, those 90,000 hours over our lifetime are spent sat at a desk. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can be incredibly detrimental to our physical wellbeing, leading to back pain, sciatica, stretches and strains - and that’s before you factor in the daily stresses of work, or the habits we can develop from bad posture.

Daily physical activity and stress relieving activities are hugely important in managing back pain from a sedentary office life. That said, you will only see a certain amount of improvement if you’re returning to spend 8 hours a day in the same uncomfortable and unsupportive office chair. So, if you’re struggling with consistent back pain, it’s time for an upgrade.

Our rundown below offers a range of options for supportive office seating, cutting through the marketing speak to give you an honest overview of the best ergonomic furniture available to ease your stressors and keep you in comfort. Let’s take a look.

Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9

The Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9 is a trusted classic in office chair support. The optimum working position is a seated position where you can place your feet squarely on the floor, with your hips slightly above your knees. With the Flexi-Chair’s adjustable seat height, you can adjust the chair back from 44.5cm to 53.5cm, or the headrest from 119cm to 128cm, giving you plenty of span to find your perfect seating position for optimum comfort.

Alongside this, additional back tilt functionality allows you to adapt the gradient of your seat, from an upright 90 degrees to a maximum recline of 120 degrees. This allows you greater scope to adjust your seating position throughout the day to ease sedentary stresses, eliminate back pain, and maintain a comfortable and supported posture.

The fabric and construction of the chair have been carefully developed to support optimum comfort, too. Specially engineered webbing material and memory foam support cushions in the back support of the chair mould to the shape of your spine, helping to support the natural arch of your spine. A high-density 7cm sponge seat, also covered in durable and breathable mesh fabric, offers sustainable comfort and support and adjustable, flip-up armrests, further help to support and hold you in the optimum working position.

With a max loadability of 120kg, a broad range of adjustable features, and complex ergonomic support, the Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9 is an excellent choice in upgrading your workspace.

Back Support Office Chair BS8

True to its name, the Back Support Office Chair BS8 offers another sustainable and long-lasting office chair option - with slightly more sophisticated ergonomic posture support. With impressive ergonomic built-in support, helping you feel supported in the most comfortable position by following the arch of your lower back, this chair truly makes numbness and back strains a thing of the past.

With an adjustable backrest that can be tightened to your preference for optimum lumbar support, as well as additional back tilting capability from 90 through 120 degree maximum recline, and a W-shaped seat design the reduces pressure points on the buttocks when seated, this piece is an impressive upgrade for any office environment.

Durable yet breathable mesh and foam make up the body of the chair, ensuring consistent support from morning to afternoon. With the height adjustment scope ranging from 44.5cm to 53.5cm in the chair, and 119cm to 129cm in the headrest, the Back Support Office Chair BS8 is high on our list of ergonomic chair recommendations to optimise your posture support in the year ahead.

Wobble Stool Stay Active Office Chair

Looking for something a little different? The Wobble Stool Stay Active Office Chair is a new addition to the Flexispot range, combining support and comfort with active sitting, engaging the back, core muscles, and legs in maintaining a strong seated position. Backless chairs like the Wobble Stool encourage the body to stay active and engaged, which not only minimises back pain, back strains, and numbness but encourages muscles to engage as your body holds you upright, making you physically stronger as well as more mentally focused and present in your work.

These active seats come in a range of colours and styles, with a 360-degree range of tilting movement on the seat itself, to allow you to find the position you feel comfortable and engaged in, whilst keeping your stomach and back muscles engaged, strong, and healthy.

With a light 5kg base, this chair can be moved or stored easily, for however your day to day changes. With a premium foam cushion seat at 33cm diameter, and a height range of 61- to 82cm, the Wobble Stool Stay Active Office Chair is deceivingly comfortable and fully adjustable to your needs.

Sit Back and Relax

So, those are our recommendations for the best ergonomic office chairs available. Make a cup of tea, sit back, and take a look to see what’s the best for you. Get ready to say goodbye to chronic back pain and poor focus, and bound into the year feeling energised, supported, and comfortable!