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Are Computer Keyboard Trays Still Needed

13 May 2022

When searching for one of the most convenient keyboards, we first consider the device's ergonomic principles. We consider the shape, dimensions, comfort of its use, and, in some cases, wrist support. Before we look at the factors that cause muscle strains, we frequently fail to consider that the keyboard may not be the only culprit. Sure, the keyboard plays a role, but it is far from the only one.

Most people aren't aware of the existence of a keyboard tray. One of the advantages of using one is that it reduces injuries, adds customization options, allows for correct placement, and improves productivity.

If you are incredibly cautious, you may want to consider a keyboard tray as a substitute for the normal desk. You've reached the right place when you've never mentioned a mouse pad or aren't sure whether this is something you'd stand to gain from. This article will describe everything you need to understand about keyboard trays or even offer a better option for any first purchasers and former owners alike.

What is a Keyboard Tray?

A keyboard tray is an ingenious little tool that allows us to control the height of the keyboard. Typically, your keypad is positioned at the peak of your desk, irrespective of how relaxed or comfortable it is.

You might be fortunate enough to have had a keyboard with numerous height settings or a few kickstands that grant you two alternatives: up or down. A keypad tray lets you make multiple micro-adjustments in height and distance to guarantee that you work smoothly.

The tray is merely positioned at the top of your workstation, where your keypad would typically be present. A keyboard tray will frequently come with different settings explicitly designed for people who already have a repetitive motion injury or maybe an inflammatory reaction such as joint pain.

Several keyboard trays are expected to be particularly flexible than the actual keyboard, making it far more pleasant to flex on, but that is not always the case. Since the standard stationary position isn't always ideal for excessive typing work, many individuals use a keyboard tray extensively. It's unexpected to type on a usual keyboard while standing up instead of a small keyboard.

Advantages of Using a Keyboard Tray

There are many advantages of using a keyboard tray which may vary from individual to individual. Some people who have had some joint injuries find it helpful to have an adjustable keyboard tray. Here are some benefits of having a computer tray:


With a highly adjustable keyboard tray, you can tailor your workspace to your specific needs. One can modify and change the board's measurements to match their requirements.

For example, the plate might be set at a shallow angle to allow you to work that might not be comfortable. This angle can be either parallel or perpendicular to your body. Many people prefer to work on a keypad that is possibly oblique towards them. In many instances, access to the top of keypad buttons becomes easier.

Appropriate positioning:

Technically, it would be best to type at a particular angle and altitude that benefits you; unfortunately, that is not always possible with conventional desks. However, a desk-expandable keyboard tray can be adjusted as per your customized position. Numerous individuals find it convenient to type at right angles. Others may opt for a different angle suiting their taste.

Reduced injuries:

The most significant advantage of using a keyboard tray is reducing or preventing injuries. Whether you favor a tray or not, one can't deny that they offer a lot of comfort while working. With a comfortable working position, you significantly reduce your chances of being injured. Moreover, a growing age means a higher risk of joint injuries, affecting your productivity badly.

Boost Productivity

Finally, because you are more relaxed and texting is much easier, you will notice a significant rise in ineffectiveness and profitability. A computer keyboard offers you a comfortable working space, thereby boosting productivity.

Fortunately for all of us who enjoy playing video games, a computer tray can significantly impact your skills in-game. Being at ease allows you to work or play for extended periods without taking a sabbatical. Of course, you should still take regular breaks, but they should be your preference rather than a requirement.


Whether keyboard trays are still needed or not has different answers varying from person to person. However, if you are among the ones who own a keyboard tray, consider yourself fortunate. Depending on the work type, many people may not opt for buying a keyboard tray.

However, if you perform extensive typing or computer work, consider adding a keyboard tray to your setup. This offers you a life-changing experience, prevents injuries, and saves a lot of money. Thus, you can buy your computer keyboard tray from FlexiSpot that will change your life for the better.