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Are Adjustable Beds Suitable For Couples?

09 August 2022

Have you ever wondered about the comfort of an adjustable bed?

Modern beds offer more than just a place to rest. They can also reflect your needs with unique positions and ultra-comfortable modes. Whether you want to sit up or down, you can have it your way.

Though adjustable beds are ideal for singles, are they appropriate for couples? A bed is a safe place, and couples need to keep it this way! Let’s delve into the benefits of an adjustable bed for couples to help you decide whether this design is for you.

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What Is An Adjustable Bed?

Before we jump in, we’ll quickly look at adjustable beds and what they offer users.

Unlike typical flat beds, adjustable beds allow users to change the position of their mattress from a flatbed to a bed with back support. This bed provides a range of positions, ideal for anyone who wants variation while relaxing.

But what if one partner wants to sit up and the other wants to lay down? This is a common worry for couples deciding on an adjustable bed. However, it doesn’t have to be a compromise!

Flexispot’s adjustable bed offers two Twin XL models to create a split king bed. With all the perks of a standard king bed, plus the option to sit up on one side, this is the ideal set-up for all couples.

An adjustable bed can improve your sleep routine and comfort. Find out how these beds benefit couples below.

Benefits Of Adjustable Beds For Couples

So, you are considering an adjustable bed. Here’s how it can benefit your sleep schedule and life as a couple!

Ideal for Pre-Sleep Relaxing

There’s nothing like spending time with a loved one before bed. Evening routines are a great way to decompress and spend some quality time together, and an adjustable bed can elevate your pre-sleep routine immensely.

Whether your go-to activity is reading, enjoying a hot tea before bed, or catching up with your partner about their day, an adjustable bed can keep you comfortable. Many couples enjoy the elevated setting before sleeping, allowing them to lounge in bed without going straight into a flat position.

Perfect For Watching TV

Another common adjustable bed benefit is for watching TV and films. It’s standard to add a TV into your bedroom these days, but it’s not always comfortable to watch TV while lying on your back.

Beat the back pain that comes with a movie marathon with an adjustable bed in a reclined position. There’s nothing better than cuddling up with your spouse while watching a classic film, so make sure you do it in complete comfort.

Quieter Sleep

Is snoring a problem in your relationship? Don’t worry; this is a common issue that most couples face! While snoring is frustrating, there are many ways to reduce and sometimes even stop it completely.

Did you know that an elevated bed can reduce snoring? Sleeping in an elevated position clears your airways, reducing snoring and noise. If your partner needs elevated sleep, but you don’t, try two XL twin beds to get the best of both worlds. There’s nothing like a peaceful night of rest!

Body Comfort

Finally, adjustable beds offer a new level of comfort that you won’t be able to achieve with standard beds. Forget piling up cushions and pillows to get comfortable. Now you can gently elevate yourself at the push of a button. Comfortable rest in no time.

Adjustable beds help to ease back pain and joint pain, and they can reduce the symptoms of colds. Couples who prioritise comfort together are often happier and well-rested. Are you ready to join them? If you are, let us know!

Is A Couples Bed For You?

Whether you want to opt for a split king bed or a double adjustable bed, there are many options to help you and your partner enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Nothing’s worse than tossing and turning, especially when you want to koozie up with your partner. If you’ve noticed a decline in your sleep quality and increased back or joint pain, it might be time to consider adjustable beds. Show this article to your partner today to let them know how beneficial these beds can be for your health and sleep schedule!

Final Thoughts

Making a new purchase can be intimidating, especially when it’s on a significant accessory - such as an adjustable bed. However, Flexispot is here to make your life easier. With premium furniture and tested ergonomic products, our stock is here to improve the quality of your life. Get in touch today to learn more.

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