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An Introduction To Adjustable Beds

25 May. 2022

Ergonomic Developments: Adjustable Beds To Make The Most of Day and Night

We know by now the vast benefits or ergonomic office furniture. Standing or hybrid desks and ergonomic desk chairs are a must for any long-term office worker. They offer excellent back and posture support, flexibility in your working day, and can help us improve focus, reduce chronic pain, and optimise wellbeing as well as productivity. But a day in the office with the best support for mind and body could be quickly undone if our nighttime space is subpar.

Sleeping on an old, unsupportive, or damaged mattress can lead to disturbed, poor-quality sleep – this can lead to impaired memory, lower levels of alertness and focus, greater irritability and greater susceptibility to low mood in the short term, but longer-term affects can be an even greater worry. Depression, a compromised immune system, and even heart problems such as stroke, diabetes, or heart failure are all directly linked to chronic sleep issues.

Fortunately, a great range of adjustable beds are becoming available across the market, and increasingly affordable. After extensive research, we’re thrilled to be bringing out first adjustable ergonomic bed to the Flexispot range – let's take a look at the benefits of adjustable ergonomic beds, and if our new model might be the one for you.

The Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Relieve Chronic Pain

Thanks to the various positions and angles an adjustable bed can support you in through the night, adjustable beds make it easier to find a position that’s comfortable for you to sleep in. This can be particularly helpful if you’re someone who suffers from chronic pain and need to find that specific position that lets you relax whilst minimising discomfort around pressure points. Traditional beds have required chronic pain sufferers to get creative with sleeping support – stacking up pillows to support you or raiding the pain medication drawer may sound familiar! But, we know that these traditional fixes are still likely to have you waking in the night as bedding shifts, painkillers wear off, or you need to adjust position. Adjustable beds allow stability throughout the night, and changes in support at just the touch of a button – meaning your sleep can be your priority, not your pain.

Improve Your Circulation

Adjustable beds allow you to raise different sections of the bed independently, depending on your needs -  you can raise your chest and shoulders up in one position, and legs and lower body to another, however you need to. For individuals that suffer from poor circulation that may wake them in the night, being able to raise your body to different angles could improve circulation and make for less stress on the body, improved health, and a better night’s sleep overall.

Reduce Back and Shoulder Pain

Long days in the office can cause awful back and shoulder pain, and even chronic injuries. If you’ve already upgraded to ergonomic furniture to help alleviate this, you’ll know that the right technology can go a long way to improve your health and wellness. An adjustable bed can help continue the posture support overnight from your afternoon in ergonomic surroundings by offering reliable, optimum, and individual support for your specific posture needs.

Cure Snoring for Deeper Sleep

Aside from the wealth of benefits we’ve covered above, adjustable beds can also help improve some components of poor sleep that many of us had accepted as unavoidable. If you, or your partner, snores during their sleep, you’ve likely accepted it as a constant – but sleeping in a consistently elevated position can help alleviate chronic snoring, once and for all. Whilst pillows can shift and fall as we sleep, causing our sleeping position to drop throughout the night, an adjustable bed allows you to elevate your chest in a fixed position for your full 8 hours. This will ensure your sinuses stay open and cleared, and your throat and nasal passages are in the best position to minimise snoring. We all know this means better sleep – for everyone involved!

Are You Ready For An Adjustable Bed?

When you hear the benefits of adjustable beds, and quite how affordable and comfortable they can be, we know it can be hard to wait to get your hands on your very own! Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long. The Flexispot Adjustable Bed Base EB011 is just about to arrive, and offers effortless, effective, and stylish support throughout the night for your best quality sleep yet. With discreet remote control, you can adjust your chest and beck position between 0 and 60 degrees, whilst a range of frame options, up to 15.8 cubic feet of underbed storage and a super quiet adjustment mechanism make this an obvious choice for your first adjustable bed. Place your pre-order today!

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