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Adjustable Beds For The Elderly: Why Are They Useful?

07 July 2022

Adjustable furniture is the new fad we just keep hearing about, but let’s take a step back and examine why they were invented in the first place - to assist the elderly. Just how do adjustable beds benefit the elderly, and why might they be the right choice for you?

Relieving Chronic Pain

Stiffness after a good night's sleep is no way to start your day. Adjustable beds can directly assist in mitigating this form of chronic pain. Reclining the mattress to suit your most comfortable position can allow for support in areas that often cause distress or are particularly tender. Regardless of whether you’re seated or lying down, you’ll be more comfortable as the pain associated with illnesses such as arthritis and rheumatism can be relieved.

Often individuals can become numb to these pains or fail to associate sleep with the cause of their existence. We might resort to blaming bending over too much or doing excessive housework for our situation. However, only a few of us realise sleeping in an uncomfortable position exposes our bodies to regular and sustained pain. It just might be the root cause of your suffering.

Using an adjustable bed allows an individual to put their legs and head in different positions. This relieves pressure from aching joints and lets them recover as you sleep, rather than having continuous pressure applied all day and all night. This can result in less pain and more effortless mobility during the day.

Improved blood circulation

Healthy blood circulation is vital to keep our organs pumping and healthy. As our body ages, blood circulation weakens, especially in the legs, which can cause issues such as oedemas.

An adjustable bed, such as the EB01 from Flexispot, allows an individual to lift their upper body above their lower body, encouraging blood circulation from the toes to the head. This improved blood circulation can assist in mobility issues developed from prolonged weakened blood circulation, such as limitations to their mobility.

Increased blood circulation is essential for the elderly as they are more likely to suffer from varicose veins in their legs. When using an adjustable bed, it is good practice to rotate your sleeping position. An example is to have the lower half of your body above your heart as you lie down, i.e. your legs should be higher than your torso. As a bonus, this position may also help relieve stress levels when sleeping!


If you’re a bad snorer, you might not be conscious of it, but those who sleep next to you most definitely are. So, if you’re a suffering partner (or a loving and conscious one!), an adjustable bed might be the answer for you.

Snoring is caused by the positioning of your neck when sleeping. You might use pillows to adjust your neck position - however, this technique is hit and miss and can often result in a sore neck and a restless night's sleep.

On the other hand, adjustable beds can mitigate against the primary cause of snoring - the windpipe becoming closed due to the weight of the neck. This prevents air from flowing through the windpipe from the lungs, and the body has to force air out, which causes the classic (and slightly unpleasant) sound of snoring.

With an adjustable bed, the neck’s weight can be more evenly spread out and inclined in a way that does not block the windpipe, relieving pressure on the trachea and allowing for a smoother flow of air.

An adjustable bed like the EB01 allows for different adjustment levels for both individuals using it. Therefore, the snoring partner can use the flexible features to their fullest extent without forcing their partner to adjust their sleeping position and patterns. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Digestion issues

Age can cause many unexpected problems, and one of the most heartbreaking is the body no longer being able to enjoy foods the way it once did. Dairy, wine and gluten can suddenly cause digestion issues, and losing those simple pleasures can be extremely demoralising.

Adjustable beds can assist in relieving and solving this issue. It puts you to sleep upright, which places your stomach and intestines in a more natural setting. This is complementary to healthy digestion and will enable you to sleep undisturbed, wake up feeling fresher, and allow you to enjoy the finer things in life for much longer.

Closing Thoughts

The root reasons for adjustable beds are clear to see - health, health, health. Adjustable beds were created to relieve the elderly from pains and aches often associated with age; they allow for chronic pain relief, improved blood circulation and perhaps best of all - snoring relief to your partner or yourself!