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9 Tips to Stay Focused in Co-working Spaces

17 September 2021

Understanding the potential benefits of a co-working environment is vital to success. Whether you want to increase your performance and productivity without spending so much time mingling or establish a solid professional community, you need to plan and implement a specific strategy that will help you get more out of your co-working environment. Most of the time, such areas are made accessible to small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs so that they can exchange information, work collaboratively, and generate ideas to boost creative thinking, support, and innovation.

Strong Wi-Fi and internet access, the use of meeting spaces, adaptable layouts, and a shared "socializing" area are all features of excellent co-working spaces. It's also essential to be in a convenient place. Co-working facilities have grown substantially in recent years from simply offering a physical workplace to creating a community that encourages collaboration and creativity. People opt to work in co-working spaces because it enables them to be much more productive and effective. And what is more, any co-working space offers a variety of benefits, ranging from convenient offices to a welcoming environment to additional technological advantages. Being in the company of other enthusiastic and dynamic people, on the other hand, can have significant consequences.

How can you make the most of your co-working space to advance your career and work? We suggest these options:

Understand Your Working Style

Understand Your Working Style

Determine the times when your performance is at its maximum. One of the primary benefits of having a dedicated physical working space versus working at home is the clear distinction between work and home commitments. A change of venue will suddenly put you in a productive and efficient mode. Your time spent in a co-working space will permit you to remain focused on your tasks without distractions or interference. Carry out a comprehensive time and timeline strategy. Make the most of your co-working space during peak hours. Knowing you only have a certain number of hours to devote to your work forces you to optimize and creates a call to action in completing tasks.

Be Accountable

When you're working collaboratively, it's easy to become sidetracked. The only thing standing between you and your desired outcomes is self-discipline. You should strategize your day the evening before or the first thing every morning. Make a list of all the things you need to fulfill throughout the day. Then, in order of significance, prioritize them to avoid wasting time on minimal tasks. Check them off as you finish them. Do not leave until you have completed all of them. If the tasks are time-consuming, try breaking them up into manageable portions. Discipline is the only thing that will ensure your progress.

Prevent Yourself From Distractions

Trying to work in a co-working space is the polar opposite of that. This is all about the interruptions you'll experience firsthand. These distractions keep you from getting the job done you set out to do. The first source of distraction is noise. Headphones are the best option for those who choose to listen to music while working. If you are overwhelmed by any sound, you may wear earmuffs. The next interference you may encounter is being surrounded by annoying people. You can post a sign that says to let others know about your unwillingness to communicate at that moment.

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Physical exercise improves brain function regardless of where you are. It has been proven by science that exercise improves memory, thinking, and concentration. Long periods of sitting can make you uneasy, stifle your creative thinking, and weaken your stress defenses. Chair yoga is a soothing form of breathing and stretching exercise that you can do from the comfort of your co-working space. And it doesn't bother your coworkers. Begin with deep yoga breathing. Your coworkers may love the soothing sound of your deep and slow breaths. You could even incorporate a yoga break into your co-working space.

An alternative would be to bring along a standing desk converter with you. Of course, height-adjustable desks may not be convenient, so a more compact option would be great. Standing desks are made to counter our tendency to just sit still all day long while completing tasks. Standing desk converters such as those from FlexiSpot will enable you to switch from sitting to standing and vice versa without having to distract your space mates. 

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Take Advantage of Technology

Working in a co-working space is smoother than it has ever been, thanks to the advancement of technology. There are thousands of websites, applications, and software available on the market developed to enhance the user experience. Some apps create to-do lists in a matter of seconds, and websites store all vital files in the cloud. Knowing what you require and searching for a suitable app or website will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Communicate With Other Members

Concentrate on developing friendships and professional relationships with others in the space. It could eventually lead to a collaboration. Find some time during lunch to talk with your coworkers. Convey an interest in their work, what tasks they are working on, what problems they are experiencing, and what assistance they may require. Seek commonalities, and you may discover another project opportunity.

Defy Procrastination

Defy Procrastination

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of anyone seeking to increase performance and productivity. The key to overcoming procrastination is to sit down and concentrate on one project at a time. For example, if you need to write a 3000-word task, divide it into manageable parts, say 500 words per day. Then, set a target of writing a few sentences. You should also consider imposing deadlines on yourself because that will force you to take a seat and get to work. Don't let procrastination rule your life. Take charge by controlling it completely.

Tidy Up Your Workspace

Nothing is more disheartening than having to work on an unruly desk with piles of documents and an overflowing trash can. A tidy and well-organized workspace not only looks nice but also boosts concentration and creativity. Clean the workstation after accomplishing all of the day's tasks to avoid causing a dirty and unkempt workspace. Do not put off this practice because it will waste time and energy in the long run. Remember that the longer you ignore it, the more difficult it will be to wipe down the space. Your outer surroundings are a representation of your inner environment.

Reward and Take Care of Yourself

You may incentivize yourself after completing a task. Whatever kind of reward you deserve is determined by your personal preferences. Every effort must be recognized and rewarded. And your work is no different. Having a flexible work arrangement and delightful working conditions could sometimes switch you into a workaholic. Workaholism is harmful to health. The first dilemma you will face is sleeping deprivation. If you do not recover from hard work, your performance will suffer. You must take breaks and spend some time outside during your workday. Exercise regularly, avoid excessive coffee intake, and avoid becoming addicted to energy drinks. The next factor you should pay attention to is your back. Don't stay seated for hours on end. With your standing desk converter, switch your positions and do simple stretches to keep your parts from being stiff, leading to discomfort or even an injury.

Collaborating in a co-working space makes you feel like you're on a mission to increase your productivity levels. You never know whether or not your working day will be productive. Furthermore, any work is likely to become a daily ritual. Don't fool yourself into thinking that uninterrupted working is the only way to increase productivity. This is the way to become burned out.