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8 Tips to Reinvent Your Office

11 November 2021

When it comes to the way we work, few things have as big of an impact as our working environment. An office is far more than just a room where work gets done. Offices serve as the setting in which we forge connections, train our focus, and try to foster our ideas as best we can. 

Unfortunately, offices have earned themselves a bad reputation for being drab, grey, and lifeless centres of business that leave people feeling anything but inspired. Luckily, in the past few decades, employers and workers alike have come to understand the unique benefits offered by an encouraging and uplifting work environment. Productivity, mood, and creativity are all improved by adding some simple touches to an office.

Even the simplest of changes can make a huge difference to how employees feel in their work spaces and the quality of work they produce. Here we’ve put together a quick guide to the 8 simplest adjustments you can make to your office space to improve productivity and mood throughout the working day!

1. A splash of colour

For too many people, the word “office” still conjures to mind images of drab, grey, cubicles where workers are confined to spend each day from 9 to 5. One way to kick this stereotype to the curb is by tossing out the grey palette and injecting some colour into the workplace. It’s best to opt for colours that are vibrant and uplifting, but not too distracting. There’s a lot of research in psychology and design that investigates the impact that colours have on our mood. Warm yellows and soft oranges make for pleasant colours that improve mood, whereas blues and greens are shown to make people feel calmer in their space.

2. Embrace mother nature   

Adding some simple greenery to the office space can go a long way in improving the overall atmosphere and mood of workers. Plants are known to have a calming effect on the spaces they’re in, and help the office feel more connected to the world outside. Adding plants to an office space also has the added benefit of cleansing the air of nasty contaminants, and keeping the place feeling fresh and airy. For the sake of productivity, it’s best not to have to invest too much time and energy into the upkeep of plants. Low-maintenance plant species such as monstera or palms make for an easy way to bring some natural zen into the office.  

3. Get on your feet

Humans didn’t evolve to sit at a desk for 10 hours a day. Long hours spent hunched over a computer understandably cause a lot of office workers to complain of back pains, joint ache, and stiff neck. One solution to this problem that’s been growing in popularity over recent years is the standing desk. Standing desks are exactly what they sound like - office desks with an adjustable height that allow you to alternate between sitting at your desk and getting up on your feet to stand for a while. This is shown to help improve blood circulation throughout the day, burn extra calories, and increase both the mood and productivity of office staff.

4. Let there be light

Lighting can have a major effect on our mood at work. Cold, clinical lighting reminiscent of a hospital can be enough to give many office workers eye strain and headaches. It’s best to try and optimise the amount of natural light flowing through a workspace, so make sure to keep those shutters open. When it comes to indoor lighting, warm lighting tends to be easier on the eyes, and helps to relieve eye strain and work-related migraines. Many office workers also prefer to make use of lamps and indirect lighting as opposed to harsh overhead lights. A simple switch from fluorescent lighting to lightbulbs and lamps can make a huge difference to the stamina we have in our workplace throughout the day.

5. Open spaces

Gone are the days of offices that contained a sea of boxed cubicles. Modern office planners understand that the whole benefit of an office is the collaboration that naturally arises as a result of being part of a team. Those cubicle walls of old only serve to box people off from one another, and in many ways are a detriment to productivity. Offices are now being designed as openly as possible in order to encourage interaction and collaboration across the team. Opening up your office floor plan can work wonders for the sociability and productivity of your office team!

6. Communal boards

Working as part of a team, it’s nice to see your efforts reflected in your surroundings. Creating communal areas, such as a decorative wall or notice board, that the whole team can contribute to is a fun and creative way of enhancing both the team and the space you work in.

7. Comfort is key

There’s no joy in working 9 to 5 in an office where the desks and chairs seemed designed to cause discomfort. Every well-designed office should have the comfort of its employees in mind. If you find that your office furniture is particularly uncomfortable, this could well be negatively affecting your productivity and mood at work. It’s always a good idea to prioritise your comfort and invest in a sturdy desk and chair.

8. Clear the clutter

The state of a desk can often reflect the internal state of its owner! One of the simplest yet most effective tips for improving an office space is to make a commitment to keeping it free of clutter - and sticking to this commitment! A couple of organisers and a dustbin can make a world of a difference.


They may seem like simple advice on the surface, but these 8 simple tricks will go a long way in reinventing your office space to become a powerhouse of productivity!