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8 Things to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Standing Desk

17 February 2023

Sitting is unavoidable at work, school, the train, and places of worship. It is such a relaxing thing to do instead of standing for long periods. But do you know the extreme side of sitting for so long threatens your health? If you're often getting long hours of sitting, you should know that it is risky to your well-being, similar to the risks posed by smoking and obesity.

Years of research have revealed that one of the solutions to reducing such risks, especially in the workplace, is to not spend excessive time sitting.

The Solution

An adjustable standing desk is one of the many ergonomic solutions that can amplify workplace productivity. It is a type of office desk that allows users to change posture from sitting to standing with modifications that can pertain to the heights of the users.

Types of Adjustable Standing Desks

There are two known types of adjustable standing desks; manual and electrical. Each serves a similar purpose with few differences.

Electrical Standing Desks:

As the name suggests, these desks require electricity to function. It is impervious to note that without access to electricity, you won't be able to use them.

Manual Standing Desks:

Manual standing desks don't need electricity to function. You can even make them yourself by following DIY tutorials. The thing about manual standing desks is that you can use them anytime and anywhere.

Why You Need an Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable standing desks provide a wide range of benefits to their users. Here are some of the benefits that come with these devices.


Standing intermittently can help improve your mood and focus. Sitting all day can make you eventually become sluggish and even sleepy. This makes it hard for you to work at a high level consistently.

Pain Relief

People can accumulate pains and aches from working long hours over the years. The back, shoulder, knees, and waist are some of the places commonly affected by remaining in a sitting position for long hours. Taking some time to stand in between periods can help improve this.


Standing rightly can help to correct your body posture. Muscle toning and reducing pressure on your spine are some advantages that intermittent standing can help you with.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Buying an adjustable standing desk of the best quality is very important for you, and there are certain details you need to consider. Let's take a swift dive into these things:


Every product has a time range for warranty from the manufacturer. When buying a product, ensure the warranty range is enough to provide help if anything happens. Especially for electrically adjustable desks with more electrical components that can get damaged or need replacement. It is recommended that the warranty period must be for at least three years.


An adjustable standing desk should be able to meet up with the needs of your height. You might be tall or short and need to adjust the standing desk to your requirements. At the ideal height, you should be able to set your elbows at 90 degrees angle positions both in sitting and standing positions.

Weight Capacity

The desk's capacity should be able to meet up with multiple weight pressures. You should consider how many items will be placed on the desk. This is important for those who are studying or working long hours. Your adjustable standing desk should be able to switch from sitting to standing postures with ease while bearing such weight.


Related to height capacity is the table's stability despite the number of items placed on it. If you're someone who finds wobbly tables harmful to your productivity, you should consider adjustable desks that have great stability during work. The risk of items falling off is also not likeable as it can cause damage.


The noise that comes from operating an adjustable desk might be disturbing to colleagues in a work environment. This may be a considerable factor in an environment that wants to work in serenity. A desk that makes a lot of noise during adjustment may be seen as an irritant and can interfere with work productivity.


You should consider if an electric height adjustable desk can be programmed. This is time-saving when the desk is being used by multiple people. Each person can save their height preferences which they can set each time they want to use, unlike the manual desks, which need to be readjusted with the height of the new user.


As with all buyers, we seek to get the best bargain for the least cost available. It is normal to purchase the best we can get within our pocket capacity. However, you should also make certain considerations. The best quality may come at a higher price and provide a better warranty. So, choosing an optimal product which will meet up with your budget is your decision to make.

It's your choice to prioritise your budget.

Transition Speed

The speed with which a device switches from sitting to standing position should not take too long. If that is the case with your adjustable desk, you might relapse. This is unhelpful to the purpose the adjustable desk should serve.


In this article, we have looked at how long-period sitting positions in workplaces affect not just productivity but pose a risk to health, like obesity. Standing for long periods is also not recommended, as this can lead to easy fatigue and knee strain. Intermittent changes between sitting and standing positions are possible via height adjustable standing desks.

Adjustable standing desks provide a lot of benefits to users and come in manual or electrical types. We have provided you with some of the factors to help you make a good choice when purchasing your standing desk.