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8 Practical Ways to Stay Fit During Holidays

29 January 2022

So, the holidays seasons are on, and you want to make the most out of it? Well! It becomes even more challenging to make time for fitness during the holiday season. It is easier to neglect the fitness goals by getting overindulges in holiday goodies that start from Christmas to New Year's Eve.

However, it never is supposed to be like that. To maintain your fitness during the holidays, you need to follow some basic tips. Otherwise, by the time a new year rolls around, you feel out of shape and bloated.

Numerous studies confirm that the holiday season is associated with weight gain among individuals, even among those who want to lose weight. This primarily occurs because people tend to fall into bad habits even more during the holiday season.

Check out these 8 practical ways to stay fit during the holidays so that you feel energized:

#1. Stay Active:

Don't stick to your screens or couches during the holidays. Make sure you exercise regularly to burn those extra calories and maintain a healthy weight. Always spend some time out of your busy schedule to work out. Not only does this improve your physical health, but mental health too. Staying active means less stress and better mental health.

Plan your activities with loved ones and keep yourself moving while enjoying each other's company. Engage in festive activities like playing in the snow, going ice skating, or maybe walking around the city to see holiday lights. In this way, you will have more healthy fun rather than sticking to the holiday foods only.

#2. Schedule Your Day:

Your holiday season is as busy as it can be, with always some extra ideas on your to-do list. This is how you may toss healthy activities aside. But, remember that scheduling your time helps manage time for both a healthy lifestyle and seasonal activities.

Schedule regular workouts and try making some healthy meals. Doing things as per the plan helps reduce stress levels too. However, make sure to have a proper work-life balance and avoid an overabundance of responsibilities adding to your stress levels.

#3. Stay Hydrated:

It's always important to drink a sufficient amount of water and remain hydrated. Salty snacks and holidays meals tend to make you dehydrated, so it's vital to drink enough water. This will prevent you from overeating too.

Surely people love to travel with their loved ones during the holiday season, and that's what can lead to dehydration. If you are flying to visit your destination, then the chances of dehydration are higher as plane cabins have less humidity. Keep these things in mind to ensure proper hydration.

#4. Eat Normally:

Being surrounded by the tasty festive dishes means you start avoiding your regular foods. But stick to your normal nutrition plan, even during the holidays. This helps continue with the normal routine after the holiday passes. Otherwise, you might face the roadblock of getting back to normal eating activities. Moreover, following a healthy nutrition plan will add to your energy throughout the holiday season. Instead of heavy, sugary foods, stack up on extra fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.

#5. Get Enough Sleep

Did you lack proper sleep anytime? Recall how it felt and how you reacted to the situation. Not getting enough sleep makes you grumpy throughout the day. You lack the motivational power to exercise and show a strong craving for unhealthy food. Numerous studies have pointed out that getting enough sleep is vital for an individual's overall mental and physical health.

#6. Track Your Activities:

Other than scheduling your responsibilities and activities, make sure to track the activities you engaged in. Note down the drinks and foods you consumed and the intensity & length of your workout sessions. This allows you to see the progress pattern during the holidays. You can check how far you have diverted from the goals and what changes are needed to get back. Furthermore, you stay motivated to stick to your goals by tracking your activities.

#7. Find a Health Partner

Well! You must have a friend who has a similar idea of staying fit over the holidays. Why not team up with that friend or relative? It's encouraging to have such a partner by your side. Schedule some time each week with that colleague or friend so that you exercise. Make sure to review your progress together and keep sending motivational reminders.

#8. Don't Overburden Yourself:

Don't overburden yourself with all the jolly things in a holiday season. While indulging in deserts and rich meals, try sticking to the rules of moderation. Portion out decadent treats and meals during the holiday season. So, don't overburden yourself and try enjoying some gifted cookies or a small piece of cake. Keep in mind the hard work that you have done throughout the year to stay fit. Now, it's the best time to save that hard work and balance out the diet with healthy fruits and vegetables.

Wrapping Up

The perfect way to move into the new year is by healthily ending the previous year. Don't let a single day ruin the hard work of your entire year. It's better to avoid dealing with the aftermath of stress and guilt. Stay active and hydrated, schedule your events, get enough sleep and track your activities during the holiday season. This will assist you in staying fit and healthy throughout the year.