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8 Standing Desk Mistakes To Avoid

16 August 2022

Have you invested in a standing desk to combat the consequences of leading a sedentary office lifestyle? If so, then well done! You are making fundamental changes that will improve your general health and wellbeing. A sit-stand desk can help you to burn more calories throughout the day, improve your circulation, optimise your posture and boost your mood and work productivity. But did you know that using your standing desk incorrectly can also lead to many health problems?

You might think that this sounds silly. Using your standing desk incorrectly. Standing is simple right? Wrong! To take advantage of the health benefits of a height adjustable standing desk, you must avoid making some easy mistakes that many of us are guilty of. This article will discuss the errors you may make as you work at your standing desk and address how to solve these.

1. Working At The Wrong Height

To get the most out of your standing desk, you must set it to the correct height. For most people, elbow height is optimal for a standing desk. A height adjustable standing desk offers you the flexibility to move your desk to a height tailored to your specific body specifications. Use “elbow height” as a general guideline and then make minor adjustments to your desk’s height until you find the most comfortable and supportive position. Your computer screen should be level with your eyes to avoid any neck or eye strain.

2. Standing For Too Long

Contrary to popular belief, investing in a standing desk should not leave you standing all day! As you know, too much of anything isn’t good. So, a healthy balance between sitting and standing is the best way to achieve optimal physical and mental well-being at work. Modern height-adjustable standing desks allow you to transition quickly and easily between standing and sitting positions with the touch of a button.

3. Standing Still

A key benefit of owning a standing desk is the freedom it provides you to move around frequently during the working day. Alternate standing positions regularly and avoid staying in a static position for any prolonged period of time.

4. Choosing A Desk With No Memory Settings

Finding the perfect standing and sitting position can take time and patience. You don’t want to repeat this process every time you change position. An excellent sit-stand desk has easy-to-use memory settings, allowing you to preset your favoured positions and then navigate to them at the touch of a button.

5. Standing On A Hard Floor

Hard floor surfaces, such as concrete, ceramic tiles and hardwood, can quickly make you tired of using your brand-new standing desk. Standing on these hard surfaces for prolonged periods will likely lead to significant pain and discomfort.

Investing in an entirely new floor can be costly and disruptive. Luckily, there is an alternative solution - an anti-fatigue mat! These offer a cushioned surface to take the stress and strain off your feet and encourage you to keep active, making small micro-movements throughout the day.

6. Wearing Incorrect Shoes

Likewise, wearing the wrong shoes while working at a standing desk can contribute to pain and discomfort. Before using a standing desk, your choice of footwear may have been limited to what looked the most professional and blended nicely with your other office attire. However, now that you will be standing for periods, you must also consider the comfort of your shoes.

7. Using The Wrong Chair

Standing desk users benefit most when they pair their sit-stand desk with a suitable office chair. You should consider giving active seating a go - using a wobble stool, such as this offering from Flexispot: Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH4. A wobble stool encourages you to make constant small movements as you work to stabilise your core. This means you remain active even when perched on your stool and resting your legs. They are great for people who have a lot of pent-up energy and find it hard to sit still for very long!

8. Adopting Poor Posture

When standing, it is essential to focus on your posture and ensure you are not leaning and hunching over. Finding a suitable standing desk and wobble stool should provide you with the foundations to achieve excellent posture all day long.

How Can Flexispot Help?

We are all aware that we must make lasting changes to avoid the consequences of an inactive lifestyle. Flexispot can put you on the right path to achieving optimal comfort and health benefits from your office furniture. We stock a range of high-quality and ergonomically designed height adjustable desks and the best active seating solutions and accessories to go with your new desk!