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8 Shocking Facts About Your Beddings

24 August 2022

A good night’s sleep is very important in preparation for a new day. Not getting enough rest can make you tired and cranky after waking up in the morning, thus affecting your productivity throughout the day.

Having a good night's rest can help you to have a very full and enjoyable day, giving you the energy needed to be productive and efficient.

Quality sleep is known to depend on factors like noise level, temperature, and bed type. An often overlooked determinant is the bedding factor, which is a very crucial one.

The bedding is the material laid above the mattress for warmth, comfort, hygiene, mattress protection, and decorative purposes. It usually consists of a flat/fitted bed sheet to cover the mattress, a flat top sheet, and a duvet or blanket.

We spend about one-third of our lives in bed, so it’s important to know about the things that could make or mar our sleep. Here are 8 shocking facts about your beddings:

1. Killer labels

There are some labels you should watch out for and avoid at all costs when shopping for sheets. For example, labels with the words - “wrinkle-free”, “easy care”, and “permanent press”. This is because such fabrics have been treated with formaldehyde resin, which is highly toxic to humans.

Short-term exposure to this chemical can irritate the eyes (cause pain, watering, redness, blurred vision) and the nose (causing sneezing and shortness of breath). What's more? This toxic chemical cannot be washed out of the fabric because it is made to withstand high temperatures and pressures.

2. Temperature control, Hemp!

Hemp sheets are natural fabrics - eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. They are very soft and even get softer as you use and wash them, revealing new surfaces which make them comfortable.

Hemp fabrics are breathable materials which make them warm to use in the winter and cool for summer use.

Linen is a strong material for bedding, but hemp is reportedly three times stronger than hemp, with the longest shelf-life of any natural fabric. So, if you’re worried about durability and comfort, go for hemp!

3. Change your pillowcase, save money

Being human means adapting to things around us quickly and soon seeking change. So, after getting used to our bedding arrangement, we feel the need to spice it up.

Rather than giving the entire bedding an overhaul, which would be expensive, simply change your pillowcases. Be daring, pick out other colours and watch your bedding come back to life while cutting the expenses.

4. Be Cool and Gentle

When washing your sheets, you should be careful and gentle to avoid the breakdown of the fabric’s fibres. Wash the fabrics on the gentle cycle with cool water.

Do not use hot water for your sheets unless stated by the manufacturer. Hot water breaks down the fibres of your fabric, causing it to fall apart more quickly. Many people wash their sheets with hot water to get rid of germs, but it’s worth noting that the detergent kills off the germs, not the hot water.

5. No Iron? No Problem!

Ironing our everyday clothes poses a problem for most, not to mention fabrics as big as your bedding.

Here's a quick hack if you’re not a fan of pressing beddings. After washing your bedding, don’t allow it to dry completely because it could wrinkle at this stage. Instead, pull it out while still warm, slightly damp and then lay on the bed. This technique is as good as ironing and without the stress.

6. Original Egyptian Cotton, or Fake

Egyptian cotton is the type grown in the Nile region, where the conditions are quite favourable, producing cotton with a high fibre staple length.

Most companies would claim that their fabrics are 100% Egyptian cotton. However, ensure you read the labels carefully, so you don't get a small percentage of Egyptian cotton blended with another cotton type for the price of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets.

7. Organic Cotton, Inorganic Processing

Some materials are made from natural fibres and labelled “organic cotton”. That being said, some organic materials get treated with chemicals that could be harmful or toxic to humans.

8. Colour Therapy using your Sheets

Colour therapy was used to heal, soothe, and energise people in ancient times. It is based on the notion that various colours affect our moods in different ways and, by extension, cause subtle changes in our biology.

The colour of your bedding can affect your sleep pattern. White, cream, and pastel colours help to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Neutral hues also develop a feeling of luxury and elegance to soothe and calm your mood, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s sleep

Final Thoughts

When choosing your sheets, it is important to know that your decision has a lot of effect on your sleep and functioning. Now, you have some facts that’ll help and motivate you to get good beddings.

Asides from getting good bedding, it is important to use a good bed to enhance better sleep. Invest in Flexispot’s adjustable bed base for a strong and sturdy bed to hold and support your body for a comfortable night's rest.