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7 Types of Office Chairs

08 October 2022

The world of chairs is far bigger than you might think. From leather chairs to draughtsman chairs, there are just so many to choose fro. This article will discuss 7 types of office chairs,  their purpose, benefits and what makes them all unique.

Let’s get going!


You might not know what I’m referring to when I mention a draughtsman chair, but you’ll definitely recognise them.

A draughtsman chair is recognisable due to its extra height and ability to adjust up and down seamlessly. These chairs are extremely useful for workers who find themselves at high desks, such as in manufacturing environments or laboratories.


Simple, durable and easy to transport. Plastic chairs are a great option to have in storage. They provide a robust seating option that is affordable and good for the masses.

They’re easy to maintain, easy to clean, and won’t deteriorate even if they’ve been in storage for weeks on end.


After a desk, the CEO’s chair (also known as an executive chair) is the most important piece of furniture in an office. These chairs are the premium option, combining stylish material and design with comfort and durability.

They often possess a high back with heavy padding on both the seat, backrest and armrests.

For an individual spending, a prolonged amount of time at their desk, or maybe someone senior who wants to make a statement - an executive chair is the way to go.


Writing chairs are extremely helpful in specific environments.

Often used in workplaces that have a lot of form-filling or in educational environments, these unique office chairs provide their user with comfort as well as a flat surface attached to the armrest.

This allows their users to scribble down important notes or fill in seemingly endless forms. They’re great when space is at a premium and you don’t want to somehow squeeze tables into the room as well. Just flip the table up from the side of the chair, and bam - you have a surface to write on.


Out of all the types of chairs, ergonomic chairs are perhaps one of the most popular options - and for good reason. These chairs come with a huge variety of benefits that make them worth the investment. Why not have a look at some of the options available at Flexispot?

Regular chairs can put an unnecessary amount of strain on a user’s spine. Over time, this can result in a poor posture and an increased risk of back injuries.

On the other hand, ergonomic chairs naturally align themselves to the particular height, weight and dimensions of your workstation. This allows you to remain in a correct sitting and work posture throughout the day.

Furthermore, these fantastic chairs can relieve back and neck pain. With an inbuilt backrest, ergonomic chairs are crafted to fit into the curvature of your back.

They also tend to have a heightened backrest which means these chairs can support your entire body quite well. This support helps to reduce strain and reduces back and neck pain (especially in the long run)..

Lastly, they help improve blood circulation. Ergonomic chairs allow for constant adjustments to your seating position and so a simple 90-degree angle adjustment allows for proper blood circulation down to your legs.

Healthy blood circulation keeps your legs from swelling or going numb. This reduces the risk of blood clots, amongst other things. Furthermore, for any manager reading, better blood circulation helps to increase concentration and therefore boost productivity!


You might be wondering what I mean by an industrial chair. They will look like any other kind of office chair, but are built with much stronger and more durable materials.

If you work in construction or in a laboratory, they are perfect for you. Any workplace in which office chairs might be damaged quite easily would benefit from these rugged chairs.

Due to their sturdy design, they reduce the need for regular chair replacements which might be the case for other chairs that are too soft for those working environments, such as fabric or leather chairs.

Their robust nature might make you assume that they’ll be an uncomfortable experience - however, they’ll still bring comfort to their users thanks to developments in plastic and metal contouring.


Mesh chairs are the be-all and end-all if your office is situated in a hotter climate, or if your office itself is too warm.

With breathable mesh holes situated throughout them, the mesh-like material keeps air flowing throughout the chair which helps to keep you cool during your work shift.

Additionally, mesh chairs are generally quite lightweight and can be easily handled. If you find yourself moving around the office on a regular basis, it might be an excellent option for you.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the different types of office chairs, you can choose which one will suit your needs best. Good luck with your decision!