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7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home Office

09 Mar. 2022

As the weather warms up and you find yourself itching to get rid of the winter blues, it would be remiss not to give your home office a spring cleaning. If you’re anything like us, spring has sprung and your home office has taken a turn for the brighter. This means it’s time to finally clean out your cluttered office and get it ready for the warmer season ahead.

Spring is the perfect time to dust off the old cobwebs and start new habits. So use these 7 spring cleaning tips to get your home office ready for the new season.

1. Get rid of old papers and junk mail

Go through all your files and separate work-related items from personal information — that includes contacts, ideas, and notebooks. Take out any papers that are past their expiration date or files your company no longer needs to keep on file — and if you have a scanner, use it to back up those documents. Once you've scanned what you need, use labelled boxes or a pedestal that can fit under your desk to help you organise your paperwork.

If you don’t already have a filing cabinet, we advise you to look into a good filing system. It can save you so much time in the long run. If you want to go all out, consider renting an external storage unit where you can store all your old paperwork to go through later on.

2. Let go of clutter

Once you've got rid of unnecessary paperwork, find any misplaced items around the office (like that hole punch you always use, but can never find) and put them back where they belong. And if you’ve got a pedestal in your home office, start clearing it out.

We all have those things we keep around to fix “one day”. Whether that’s a broken stapler, a light fixture that needs to be replaced, or even just the pen you used for the first time at your last job and haven’t been able to replace.

Let it go.

If it doesn’t fit in your home office or you just don’t need it anymore, chuck the old and make room for the things you use most often, such as your headset, stationery, and other essentials.


3. Screen time

As someone who works from home, you know how much a good computer setup can help with your productivity and energy levels. Make sure you have clear views of your monitors on your desk.

If you don’t use your external monitor often, take the time to give it a clean. We recommend getting a cover for your computer monitor—that way you won’t have to keep worrying about the dust.

If you have a desktop, clean up your cords and organise them as best as possible to make them easy to move around as needed during your day. And if you’ve switched over to a laptop, get rid of all your unnecessary wires and hard drives in your home office—you won’t need them anymore!

4. Let go of the past — literally!

It's time to get rid of the old months from the calendar on your desk. And if you’re still keeping your work calendar from last year, it’s time to let go and start fresh.

Or why not switch to an electronic calendar that syncs between your phone and computer instead? If you’re an avid planner, this is a great way to keep your home office tidy not only now but also in the future.

5. Workspace check

Check out your office chair and make sure it’s in good working condition. We all spend a lot of time working in our home offices, so it’s important to make sure you have the best office chair to support your back and keep you healthy. If there’s anything wrong with your chair, fix it or throw it out and get a new one.

Get your mouse, keyboard, and monitor in place, adjust the lighting to your liking, and make sure all of your cords are still in good working order. If you’ve got older equipment that isn’t ergonomic, it’s time to upgrade! A good keyboard, mouse, and monitor can help keep you healthy, and they don’t have to be expensive. Just make sure you keep your current equipment in storage as backup, just in case.

6. New season, new decor!

Look around your home office for any decorations or frames you're not using. Take down any ceiling or wall decorations and wash them in soapy water (if appropriate). Do this throughout your entire home office and give anything that is dusty and/or dirty a good scrubbing.

There are a lot of ways to personalise your home office, whether that's by adding a lick of paint, introducing new photos of family or friends, or making some space for a few fun items.

If you are willing, we recommend adding a few personal effects to your office.

7. Reuse and recycle to save the planet

If you've had empty containers hanging out in your home office for years, grab them and give them a good cleaning. You’d be surprised at how many things that you’ve had around for years are just as useful again as they were when you first got them.

It's easy to get distracted and lose focus. With these tips, you'll be able to keep your home office clean, organised, and free of distraction so you can focus on the work you love. Your home office doesn't have to be a dirty, cluttered mess. With a little planning, it can be a clean, organised and distraction-free haven to get your work done.

And who doesn't love a little home improvement?

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