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7 smart reasons to choose a wooden worktop

17 January 2022

Looking for a new office, kitchen, or utility room surface? Well! You might consider the pros and cons of using a worktop made up of granite, glass, quartz timber, laminate, or something similar.

Though all such materials come with their benefits but talk about the versatility, practicality, and durability, none can beat a wooden worktop with its own kind of charm. For any interior design project, the biggest draw would be the quality and beauty of wood fit for any situation and almost every place. So, if you are on the fence about choosing your material of choice, Flexispot is here to help you with all your doubts. This article will tell you about the most ingenious reasons why a wooden worktop is best for you.

#1. They are natural:

Today’s consumer’s world is defined by immediacy over quality, disposable products, and what is ‘on-trend” rather than what’s timeless. We strongly believe that wooden products are always of a higher standard; classic, closer to nature, long-lasting, and more impressive.

The benefits of using wood products are immense in terms of both health and durability. Timber, owing to its cellular structure, is an excellent thermal insulator. It helps avoid sudden temperature changes, thereby reducing the need for cooling and heating. Owing to its porous nature, it helps maintain the hygroscopic nature of the surroundings.

As per the study carried by Veronika et al. in 2019, wooden materials have a positive and regenerative impact on the nervous system. This is primarily because of their colour, texture, pleasant smell, and emission of volatile organic compounds. Thus, a Flexispot’s wooden worktops might be the best thing for you and your family.

#2. They are all unique:  

Each and every worktop is completely unique, like a fingerprint—the credit goes to the swirling textured details of timber and their detailed grain patterns. You get a complete personal statement wherever you wish to install it.

Whatever design you cherish and like, wood offers it all. Nothing feels more relaxing than owning a unique wooden worktop with the best quality and design. Moreover, your wooden worktop can also be unique in terms of wood type. They can be made up of beech, oak, maple, or bamboo. In that regard, you might consider Flexispot’s bamboo worktop with the best characteristics.

#3 Strong and durable:

having said that, the worktops are made of different wood types. All of these high-quality worktops are exceptionally resilient, tough, and hardwearing. Moreover, they come with scratch-resistant surfaces and without any kind of imperfections.

What makes Flexispot’s wooden worktops durable is the ability to absorb and release any moisture. They are resistant to many conditions and chemicals that adversely affect concrete and steel. Nothing like corrosive salts, sea air, industrial stack gases, and dilute acids can affect the texture and durability.

#4. Size of your choice:

Wood can be cut cleanly with sharp knives, allowing us to cut it into customized sizes and shapes. You can get a worktop according to your lengths, widths, thickness, and wood type. You might not get this option of customized finishing of your choice with other materials. One inputs their measurements at home and lets an expert create their precision sawed worktop with the best dimensions.

#5. They age better: 

We all know that some wood types age with time to become more durable. These physical and mechanical properties of wood originate from microstructural and other chemical changes in wood components. Storing the wood for various times decides the overall properties.

Thus, providing care for your worktop, the timber becomes mature, the colour deepens, and the patina accentuates the natural aging process in some cases. Unlike wooden worktops that become more characterful with time, plastic ones will look shabby and tired.

# 6. You can repair them yourself: 

Unlike wood, most damages to marble or granite cannot be sanded away. On the contrary, within reason, damage to the wood can be rechecked, reoiled, and resurfaced quickly. It will not cost you any unnecessary expense or help from a professional. The waste generated after repairing is eco-friendly, like the worktop itself. However, make sure to take care of your wooden worktops because caring is better than mending.

# 7. Anti-bacterial:

Nothing is as vital as health for an individual. In today’s chemical world, people are suffering from the dreadful disease because of plastic use. However, wood possesses anti-bacterial properties that prevent contagious infections from spreading. Research conducted at the University of Wisconsin found that 99.9 percent of bacteria are killed within minutes after being placed on a wooden board. The same team left a worktop at room temperature overnight and surprisingly found no living bacteria the next day.

Interestingly, worktops made from bamboo possess naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties that even kill surface-penetrating bacteria. So, you might consider using Flexispot’s bamboo worktop for a better and healthy experience. (Remember, technically, bamboo is grass. However, it owns many properties of wood, such as being antimicrobial, strong, and durable).

Wrapping it up

Wooden worktops are an ideal choice for your home and office. It is better to invest in a wooden worktop with many advantages. Unlike plastic worktops, wooden worktops are natural, more durable, easy to repair, versatile, and get better with age.

You can cut them to the size of your choice and possess anti-bacterial properties. Such wooden worktops can drastically transform the overall appearance of your home and office. With an appealing rustic style, they are hard to ignore. So, want to buy some worktops for yourself? Order your best piece at Flexispot