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6 Steps to Get Your Wedding Planning Up and Running

17 September 2021

You’ll be walking down the aisle in a Monique Lhuillier gown while “A Thousand Years” is playing in the background. All eyes will be on you as you tighten your grip on your bouquet of red roses. Your eyes will start welling up even before you reach the altar. You will smile and let out a little laugh once you get to cross your arm across your husband-to-be in just half an hour. This is it. 

It’s the wedding you’ve been planning since you were eight years old and fell in love with your third-grade teacher. You’re smiling and full of emotions; but also, your eyes are moving in all directions observing if you might have forgotten something. Deep inside, you’re back 11 months ago when you decided not to hire a professional wedding planner. The organized freak that you are, you convinced yourself that you didn’t need one. Now you worry that you might have forgotten something or that one little minute detail can ruin the day for you and your husband. Your husband-to-be, noticing how agitated you are, pulls you closer to him and gently squeezes your hand while whispering in your ear, “Relax. I’m here.” 

Yes, planning and executing a wedding on your own may be overwhelming but there’s a way to lessen those nerves come on Wedding Day. It all boils down to planning. Here are six steps to get your wedding planning up and running. 

Set a budget.

1. Set a budget. 

There’s a limit to what you and your fiance can spend. On the get-go, know how much you’ll be willing to break the bank and stick to it no matter what. Once you’ve set your budget, everything else will follow. Your gauge in every major decision that you and your partner will make will depend on the budget that you set. 

2. Know your non-negotiables. 

With the budget out of the way, you and your fiance have to make a separate priority list. List down three to five items that you can’t let your dream wedding go without. Whether it’s a particular designer for your wedding gown or a dream band to play in your wedding, you get to decide what your non-negotiables are. After you determine this, you will have to work your budget around fulfilling the priority list. 

Choose a color palette.

3. Choose a colour palette. 

Your wedding’s colour palette is very crucial to how the overall ceremony will look in person and in photos. You have to decide on a colour palette early on to make the next major decisions easier. Do you want your wedding to have an edgier feel or a classier look? Do you want your bridesmaids to look feminine or fashionable? What colours will go with the plants and flowers at your wedding? Choosing a colour palette is much harder than what it seems but it ultimately boils down to what colour you want your wedding to be remembered with. 

4. Set the date.

Get this major decision locked from the very start, even as soon as you say yes to your fiance. The availability of your friends and family on the date matters. it should not be on the weekdays and at a time that’s inconvenient for the whole party. Is there a special occasion that month that will coincide with the theme? What will be the season in the country you’ve chosen for your dream wedding? How much longer do you have to prepare for the wedding? Set the date and many major decisions will follow. 

Secure the venue.

5. Secure the venue. 

The venue will account for 50% of your budget which is why it’s very important that you know where you’re going to be married from the very start. The venue will depend on your theme and will also be a major determinant factor on how many people you can invite to the wedding. Is it going to be intimate or grand? Will you have a destination wedding or hold it in your country where more people could attend? Do you have pre-wedding events and can the venue accommodate this? 

6. Delegate tasks. 

Yes, it’s your wedding. Yes, it has to be perfect. But it doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. Get some extra hands on the deck because you are gonna need it. If you really want to not forget anything at your wedding, you have to acknowledge your limits. You too have a 9 to 5 job and cannot attend to every little detail. Learn to trust other people and delegate tasks for each of them. Part of the responsibilities of your bridal entourage is to help you make your dream wedding happen. Ask for their help---tap your mom and your sister as well and even your fiance’s parents. Having an extra pair of eyes and a helping hand will ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Additional Things to Cross Out as you embark on your journey: 

  • Dress
  • Invitations
  • Pre-Wedding Events
  • Photography/Documentation
  • Music
  • Souvenirs

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