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6 Fun Activities for a No-Spend Weekend

30 January 2023

During the weekdays, there is barely any chance for full-time employees or entrepreneurs, like yourself, to have fun and do all the things they enjoy. Hence, some inexplicable joy floods your heart when the weekend approaches.

Typically, the weekend is the time of the week when you are relieved of most of your official responsibilities and allowed to take a break. So it's understandable that you want to make the most of your time by participating in exciting activities and recreations - after all, you deserve it.

Did you know you don't have to break the bank to have fun on weekends? In fact, you can create the best memories and not spend a dime. By picking the right pastimes for the weekend, saving money should be no problem.

So, whether you want to cut back on your spending, save money for a specific goal, or simply work on your spending habits while having fun, this article will get you started.

Below are a few exciting activities suitable for your no-spend weekends.

1. Go outside

One of the best ways to have fun on one of your free weekends - and yet not spend a dime - is by enjoying the fascinating outdoors. You don't have to buy or purchase anything; just lace up your sneakers, lock your door, and hit the road.

You can go hiking, visit National Parks, the beach, or even a playground - whichever is close enough to your home. If you enjoy live entertainment, then maybe you need to check your community’s event calendar for carnivals or festivals that may be happening somewhere around town.

2. Walk or ride a bike

Instinctively, you might want to take a bus or your car on this no-spend weekend fun. Technically, you would be spending money, as you would have to pay for gas or bus fare by riding in conventional transportation. So, it is time to bring your bike or walking shoes out of your garage or closet, respectively.

Before you set out on your journey outside, you can check for any local walking routes or bike trails online. This would help you plan your trip better. Moreover, you will be able to choose a path with the best sights.

3. Go for a swim

Although it is rare to find a free swimming pool anywhere these days, you should still try to look for one. Take your search online; this is a faster way to see if there is a free pool nearby. When you find one, you can visit to take a swim and unwind, especially after a long week.

Alternatively, you could try to take a dip at a pond or a lake situated in your local community. You will be surprised at how much fun and adventure you can enjoy without spending any money.

4. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best mindful practices for individuals of all ages. But that's not all - you will also reap physical health benefits from this exercise. Yoga will help boost your physical strength and rid your mind of negative energy.

Fortunately, you can engage in yoga from the comfort of your home - or perhaps your garden. Moreover, performing yoga poses in nature is an excellent meditative practice that offers numerous mental health benefits. All you need to do is roll out your yoga - and you are good to go.

It’s worth mentioning that you don't necessarily have to use a yoga mat. You can certainly do the activity on the bare floor.

5. Play video games

Playing video games is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax during the weekend. In fact, you can invite some friends and family for a mini tournament of video games.

While spending the best parts of the weekend in front of a screen may not be the ideal exciting time one might have imagined, it remains an excellent way to have awesome fun without reaching for your pocket.

So, fire up your console and start shooting up the whole battleground like it's your call of duty!

6. Dust off your books

If you are an individual who has to go to work all weekdays, there is a huge probability that your reading habit has deteriorated over time - and that may not be your fault entirely.

Luckily, you have a chance to change your reading culture for good - and perhaps save some money. On some weekends, you should try to pick up a book from your shelf to read.

Reading is an activity with tremendous activity for the mind. So, you will be doing your mental health a lot of good by developing a good reading habit.


Weekends represent a time for you to relax and destress, especially after a long week of serious business. After looking through our list of no-spend activities, you will indeed find a pastime worth your while. This article proves that you don't particularly need money to have a great time.