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6 different uses for a standing desk

08 Jun. 2022

Standing desks are becoming all the rage these days and are being credited with slowly helping to revolutionise how we work. The health benefits that come with using a height-adjustable desk include the lowering of blood sugar levels, risk of obesity and heart disease as well as improved mood and energy levels.

With so many positives from using a standing desk, it can be a little surprising that they aren’t more wildly seen. While their sales have certainly jumped in the last few years, many customers still seem wary about standing desks because of their perceived single use.

Yet standing desks are far more adaptable and useful than you might think. Here are 6 different uses that you’ll be able to get from your new standing desk from Flexispot.

Rolling desks

Many of our customers choose to attach casters to the bottom of their standing desks which allows them to be moved around on flat surfaces with ease. This has become a popular option for work settings where you need a standing-level desk that can be wheeled out of the way to create more space.

This is also a great option to use at home whether it's for the kid’s arts and craft days, a place to put out nibbles for the guests, or even as a workstation if you’re doing some DIY. Standing desks really are the most versatile tables around.

Vanity tables

Another popular option for a standing desk is to use it as a vanity table. We know that it's simple enough to just sit at any old table, but the health benefits of standing desks are the same whether you’re working on a presentation or simply fixing your hair and makeup.

Its easily adjustable height options mean that you can find that perfect level to suit your needs, which might vary from day to day which makes something modifiable a real bonus. Its relatively small size doesn’t take up too much space in the room, but still provides more than enough area for whatever you might need.    

Music desks

While it's possible to use any old standing desk as the setting for your musical odyssey, we suggest Flexispot’s Studio Standing Desk for serious musicians who would usually spend a lot of time sitting at a traditional desk as their back muscles slowly began to cry out in pain.

The Studio Standing Desk has enough room for an 88-key keyboard and 6U rack spaces underneath to keep equalisers and amplifiers well organised. It also comes with a sensitive anti-collision function so that expensive equipment stored beneath the table will never be damaged when it's lowered.

For the musicians who spend hours at their desks, a standing desk is an absolute must.

Gaming Desks

If you thought that hours sitting at a desk working can be bad, try even longer when you’re lost in the mystical world of gaming. Excessive time sitting down will leave you feeling stiff and sore and can have serious effects on your long-term health.

Using a standing desk for gaming gives you that wonderful option to switch back and forth between sitting and standing while not missing out on actual game time.

Children’s Desks

Finding the right kind of table for children can be tricky.

You might be asking yourself, do children really need a standing desk? And to that, we can only say it's never too early to develop good habits. With the increase in child obesity and type 2 diabetes, coupled with a dramatic reduction in time spent outside playing, children are certainly just as susceptible to the same kind of issues that adults experience.     

A Multi-purpose Workstation

OK, this one might seem a little general, but perhaps that’s the point, standing desks can, in theory, replace traditional desks for all of their uses. If you’ve always sat and painted, why not try it with a standing desk. Are you tired of the back pain while doing a jigsaw puzzle? Then a height-adjustable desk provides something completely different.

Whatever it is you do while sitting at a desk, it’s almost certainly possible to do while standing at a desk. Alternating between the two means that you will be getting all of the health benefits, while still being able to enjoy all those little things that you love.

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