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6 Benefits of Using Bamboo Furniture in Your Office

10 January 2022

As natural resources continue to deplete exponentially, the fast-growing bamboo is revolutionizing the production in several industries. From biofuel to construction, textile, paper, and most importantly, the furniture industry, bamboo is emerging as a great raw material that offers exceptional benefits.

While bamboo has been used in the production of various goods for years, there has been a recent surge in its demand in the last few decades. But as natural resources continue to deplete, what makes bamboo a great choice for furniture manufacturing?

Bamboo grows well. In fact, some species of bamboo grow like weeds. They grow easily and quickly and can spread into other areas easily. Moreover, some bamboo species can grow as much as ten times faster than hardwood, making bamboo an excellent choice for furniture at home or office. This can also help keep the forests intact. Apart from sustainability, there are several other benefits of using bamboo furniture in your office that you can enjoy, which is why it is a great fit for your office. Let's learn more about the benefits of using bamboo furniture in your office.

Reasons to Choose Bamboo Furniture in Your Office

Bamboo Makes a Sustainable Resource

#1. Bamboo Makes a Sustainable Resource

Bamboo furniture makes a great choice for offices as it is a sustainable resource. Sustainability refers to meeting the needs of the people today without compromising on the ability of future generations to fulfill their needs. So one can say that a sustainable resource is produced naturally, and nature will indefinitely support its production.

However, one must consider several factors when determining the sustainability of a natural resource, some of which include the rate at which the resource grows, how long it lasts, where it can be found, and several other similar factors.

The best part about using bamboo as a raw material for furniture is checking all the right boxes. It is one of the very natural resources that feature the perfect combination of characters that make it a sustainable resource in the long run without creating any adverse impact on the environment or reducing its supply for future generations. Bamboo makes one of the fastest-growing plants globally, with some species of bamboo growing around 36 inches every day. With this growth rate, the bamboo plants can reach their full size between one to five years compared to most other trees that can take a decade or more to grow.

Moreover, growing bamboo is easier than growing several other trees because the plant is not picky about the soil and can do relatively better in all soil types, including land that has little agricultural value. The easy and quick-growing bamboo makes one of the best sustainable resources for office furniture.

A Few More Sustainability Facts

Growing bamboo doesn't require irrigation or pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which makes it relatively simple and easy to grow the plant for individuals looking for eco-friendly cultivation that doesn’t harm the environment.
Bamboo plants regrow from their root system, so they don't require replanting. Moreover, since it doesn't require repeated replanting, bamboo growth doesn't damage the soil and makes it a suitable plant for the environment.
The growth of bamboo saves the topsoil of the fields and protects it from erosion due to natural elements such as wind, water, or farming activities.
Besides providing a renewable alternative to other types of wood, bamboo plays an integral role in reducing carbon footprint as the plant absorbs carbon from the environment (air and soil) and releases high oxygen levels into the environment. Hence, the bamboo plantation will help counter the problem of air pollution and lower carbon content in the soil.


#2. Lightweight

Another reason bamboo makes an excellent choice of furniture in your office is that it is light in weight compared to other hardwoods. As a result, it is easier to transport and rearrange bamboo furniture than heavy hardwood furniture. Moreover, since moving bamboo furniture is easier, redecorating your office is a snap. If you have several bamboo furniture pieces in your office, you can quickly rearrange them and give your office a new look every few months.

Strength and Durability

#3. Strength and Durability

Given that bamboo makes a delicate and lightweight choice of material for furniture, many people find it hard to imagine that bamboo furniture is extremely strong and durable. In fact, bamboo makes one of the hardest woods used in the furniture industry. An interesting fact about bamboo is that it has a high tensile strength which is even great than the tensile strength of steel. Furthermore, when mature bamboo is used to craft office furniture, it offers double the elasticity of the wood, which further adds to the strength and durability of your office furniture.

Moreover, it is important to know that treated bamboo can last for years, apart from its strength. The plant may have a relatively shorter lifespan, but it can turn out to be a durable choice once treated. This is because it can withstand the wear and tear of rough and tough everyday office use. Furthermore, bamboo is also more resistant to scratching and damage than other hardwood furniture, making it a super-sturdy choice of material for office furniture.

Along with all the remarkable strength, flexibility, and durability of bamboo, the material is also resistant to moisture, insects, and fungus, which makes another great reason for using bamboo furniture in your office.

Retains Shape

#4. Retains Shape

Bamboo furniture makes a great choice for offices as the material doesn't change its shape in response to atmospheric changes such as changes in temperature or moisture content in the air. When you have bamboo furniture in your office, it will not shrink or swell due to change from dry to humid air or changes in temperature.

Aesthetically Appealing

#5. Aesthetically Appealing

Another great benefit that you can enjoy by using bamboo furniture in your office is the exceptional aesthetic appeal. Beautifully crafted bamboo furniture can add an elegant vibe to your office ambiance and décor and boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your office space. Moreover, when you have aesthetically appealing furniture in your office, it can, in turn, have a positive effect on your productivity at work.

#6. Ease of Maintenance

Last on the list of benefits of using bamboo furniture in your office is the ease of maintenance. When you invest in bamboo furniture for your office from a reliable brand like Flexispot, you can look forward to using the latest technology used to retain the natural beauty of the bamboo strip. Moreover, you can also expect the right treatment for the wood that makes it more durable as a raw material for office furniture.

Furthermore, since bamboo is naturally more resistant to moisture, it requires minimal care. In case it comes in contact with water, you can rest assured that your office furniture will not rot or get damaged.

All you need to take care of your bamboo furniture and maintain its look is a damp cloth that you can use to wipe it down and retain the look of your office furniture.

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Now that you already know the benefits of using bamboo furniture in your office, it's time to learn about some of the best bamboo office furniture you can find on the market.

Invest in bamboo furniture by Flexispot today and contribute positively to boosting your work performance while making an environmentally-friendly choice.