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6 Ways to Prepare for Overseas Employment

22 June 2022

There are many perks that employees get from their respective companies. One of these is travel. They get sent to join international conferences and represent their companies. They get sent to other countries to work with other nationals for projects that are based overseas. There are some who get permanently relocated to a different branch in a different state or country. But there are also some of us who really apply for a job overseas, most likely challenging ourselves to go out of our comfort zones, looking for an adventure, yearning for independence or to satisfy that travel bug in us.

The good news for those who want to work abroad is that there are thousands of job opportunities available for foreigners. It won’t come without a struggle of course, but being a working foreigner doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. There are many expatriates who make a name for themselves in their respective careers abroad.

But we are not here to make it seem that it’s an easy undertaking. You are not moving just two blocks down the road or to a different neighborhood. You would need to be backed up by strong research and foresight so that you don’t jump into this big life change empty-handed. You have to scour through articles, feed on documentaries or even vlogs, and ask your friends who have experienced working abroad or locals in that country you are moving to. There are many ways to educate yourself and be prepared in the best way that you can before the big move.

It’s going to be difficult, especially since you’ll be away from home, your family, and the friends that you grew up with. But there are also many reasons why you have to try if you feel that inkling to do so. It will help you grow as a person once you live far away from your comfort zone. You will learn the ropes of how it is to be truly independent and on your own. You can’t just get help through a phone call with your family, which means you will have to exercise extra diligence when living in another country. Another benefit is having the opportunity to be introduced to people of different cultures. You will grow outside your bubble and discover more about the world, humanity, and life as you interact with others who grew up with different beliefs, principles, and behaviors.

You will definitely be rewarded with a ton of first-time experiences once you start working abroad. The world won’t ever be the same for you.

What’s more is that you come out of the experience as a more confident self-reliant, and empowered person. What you thought you couldn’t do, you have proven to yourself that you can as long as your heart and mind are into it. Below are some tips for those who are looking for job opportunities abroad.

Do your research on the potential countries you are moving to.

1. Do your research on the potential countries you are moving to.

You are about to live in an entirely different environment. Needless, it is a big leap in your life that would require a lot of preparation. You also give your family back home some peace of mind when you show them that you know what you are getting into. Your experience will greatly depend on what country you chose to move in, which means there should be a careful discretion on your part. Lucky for you, there are many resources available online. You can read up or watch videos and films about your chosen country. You can learn about their culture through films, arts, and history. But know that some of this may be far from reality so if you have a local friend from that country or even a foreigner friend living there, don’t hesitate to ask them questions and take note of their answers.

If you are thinking of shifting careers, you also need to know how your industry works there. How wide is the market? What are the opportunities available for foreigners like you? How much is the salary compensation? You need to have an idea of how much you’ll earn vis a vis the current prices in the country that you are moving to.

Another thing to look at is visa requirements as this differs from one country to another. There are some countries that will require you to go back to your country of origin at some point. If you are having visa problems, check if the company you will be working for can provide you assistance for visa approval.

Another thing to look at is the political climate. How will these affect the labor conditions for international workers? You need to prepare a contingency plan in case rules and laws don’t go in your favor.

File your taxes the proper way.

2. File your taxes the proper way.

You are still a citizen of your home country even if you already fled away. As part of your civic duty, do not skip this part. It will sound like a chore and it’s boring to the core for most of us. Not to mention, it’s a hassle and additional expense but if you work it out the right way as you go along, you would definitely save yourself any hassle in the future. Note that taxes vary depending again on the country you are moving to so you have to thoroughly research tax laws and implications.

For budgeting concerns, look into how much you will earn every month minus the taxes. If all these are confusing, consult a tax specialist.

Arrange for the most convenient banking system you can get into.

3. Arrange for the most convenient banking system you can get into.

Check if you can access your current bank in the country that you will be living in for the next years of your life. Research the many options that you can have for banking institutions available. For guidance, ask your bank or a bank expert for any financial concerns.

Know where you’re going to acquire a residence.

4. Know where you’re going to acquire a residence.

If you can already make a lodging arrangement, do so. If you can’t, better have some leads by researching residential neighborhoods you can afford. You can book a hotel first then during your stay there, talk to different landladies in person so you can get a better bargain.

Secure health insurance.

5. Secure health insurance.

Foreigners won’t always have access to health benefits compared to their local counterparts. You need to have emergency measures in place. In your home country, you can already start looking for health insurance that can be used in many hospitals located in your new country of residence. Ask your company for health insurance benefits and what is included in the packages they offer.

Invest in tools that will help you at work.

6. Invest in tools that will help you at work.

It’s not easy to live overseas and be away from home. You need to prepare for the mental impact it will have on you that can possibly also affect your performance at work. To help you stay efficient and productive, invest in ergonomic furniture which will help you stay focused and alert at work, give you comfort, and promote good health.

Best of luck as you explore life away from home!