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6 Amazing Benefits of Electric Beds

15 June 2022

Electric beds are becoming more and more popular. At first, creating a comfortable and adjustable bed was thought only to be for those in physical pain, but now adjustable beds are being bought for a variety of reasons, from watching TV in bed to comfortably having more flexibility in how you sleep.

Electric beds are very useful for a variety of reasons and ergonomic in terms of physical health. Electric beds come with a wide range of options for different groups and have become a very popular method to relieve tiredness and promote deeper relaxation at the end of the day.

While most hospitals use electric beds to comfort their patients, they offer unique solutions during the treatment period. With orthopaedic solutions, electric beds offer all kinds of relief from physical pain. Thus during the night, you can have a sounder sleep without interruption and heal faster.

1. Improved Sleep

You can adjust your Electric bed to the position you like and raise or lower your sleeping position according to your preference. While these features help to reduce your physical pain, you can enjoy a sound sleep.

In addition to this, most sleep rehabilitation centres prefer to have electric beds to regulate their patient’s sleep disorders. This technology offers unique personalized adjustments that help patients to feel more relaxed.

Standard beds do not have an adjustable feature that’s why you need to adjust your sleeping position according to the bed, leading to tossing and turning that exhausts the body and creates tension in the muscles.

 Although you may think you have gotten a good 8 hours of sleep, the reality is that half that time your brain is in a half wake state trying to get comfortable, and productivity decreases the following day due to tiredness.

Since the mattresses used in Electric beds are usually made of foam, they will take to your body shape and will support your entire body for better sleep. For a sound sleep, electric beds provide unique benefits, even if you don’t have any physical pain, you can use electric beds to boost your sleep quality.

2. Joint Pain Relief

Electric adjustable beds are very helpful for people who suffer from joint pain and backache. If you sleep in a comfortable position, joint pains will decrease and the blood flow in your body will become better balanced.

Being able to adjust the bed around you instead of the other way around will relieve pressure and help you will feel more relaxed. Also, an electric bed with a massage function is very helpful for decreasing joint pains, helping your blood to flow freely and removing tension from the surrounding muscles.

Those who sleep in the right position have less joint pain and feel more comfortable. While joint pains affect people’s daily life, If not properly diagnosed, they may cause serious injury in the future.

That’s why when it comes to choosing the right bed, you need to consider what kind of bed you need to have. Since Electric beds are orthopaedic, they take your body’s shape and support your body to find the right position.

3. Independence

Another feature of electric beds is to provide you independence from others. With the adjustable feature of Electric beds, all you need to do is push the button and adjust the bed yourself.

In this way without needing anyone’s help, you can lower or raise yourself without much effort. You can get in and out of bed without support and if you do need a little something extra to support you, many electric beds come with rails.

4. Swelling and Pressure Relief

Electric beds provide comfort treatment for the patients with swelling in the legs and feet by keeping the affected areas raised.

This helps to regulate blood circulation and is much better and more practical than simply placing a pillow under your legs that may slip in the night or put additional pressure on the knees - creating a whole new issue.

This can make things harder, especially if there is no one around you for help. Thanks to the leg-raising feature you can automatically raise your electric bed without needing to get up in the middle of the night or ask for assistance from others.

5. Easier Breathing

Sleeping on your back can cause sleep apnea, and blocked airways. To prevent this, electric beds make it easy to raise your head, allowing gravity to open up your airways and give you a better night's sleep.

It is also very well known that chronic snorers are much worse when they lie flat on their backs. Electric beds minimize snoring, and if you have a tired and disgruntled partner who has been kept awake, they can raise your head with the remote control without disturbing your sleep.

In addition, when you raise your electric bed to open up your air passages you will increase the oxygen flow that reaches your brain. Thus when you wake up, you will feel more energetic and rested.

6. Convenience

The biggest advantage of electric beds is the convenience of use. You can adjust your Electric bed without needing the help of anyone, or without having to get out of bed and doing it yourself.

Thanks to continuously developing modern bed technology, people are investing in better sleep quality and comfort.

When you compare the electric beds with standard beds, you will quickly realise how electric beds change your lifestyle.

So You will feel more comfortable throughout the day when reading or watching TV,  electric beds double up not only as a bed for sleeping but for a comfortable alternative for TV or reading, should the sofa become too unforgettable after a while.