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5 Signs That Indicate the Need of a Standing Desk

01 March 2023

Every UK employee spends 11 hours on an average each day sitting in offices. It causes them to become inactive and adopt a sedentary way of living. According to reports, the absence of enough physical activity is the cause of death in over 20% of adults aged 35 and over. Working professionals may put their health at risk by spending too much time sitting at their desks. Therefore, an adjustable standing desk is one of the best options for several reasons.

Let's learn more about the signs that signal your need for a height adjustable desk.

1. Back Pain

Do you find that you are always adjusting your posture on your office chair? Do you find that sitting for too long gives you back pain? Do you come home from work and immediately feel tense all over? If so, it might be because of how much time you spend sitting and how little you move around in general. As you sit for long periods of time, your body's important muscles can shrink and even tighten.

Back and spinal pain may be alleviated with the use of a standing desk. Using a standing desk forces you to actively employ more muscle groups, which in turn helps to maintain spinal health and mobility.

2. Fatigue

Often people think that a standing desk declines energy faster and makes you tired, but this may not be the case. Long periods of sitting is one of the major reasons of overall fatigue by day's end. The more you use your muscles, the more you can accomplish over time. Because of the boost in potential, you'll feel more energized all day long.

When you stand instead of sitting at your desk, your brain tells your body to distribute more oxygen and new blood to all of your organs. It keeps you feeling alert and energized even when your working hours are over. Sitting for long periods of time eliminates the benefits of oxygen-rich blood and endorphins while standing desk does the opposite.

3. Long Leg Length Problems

A sit-stand desk is a blessing for all tall employees. Often tall workers have to fold their legs or sit in an uncomfortable position in office for hours which makes them tired. With a functional standing desk, tall people can alternate between sitting and standing at their existing desktop. Their long leg length won't be a trouble anymore.

By switching postures, all tall employees can relieve pressure on their muscles and stay active for longer. These desks can also be adjusted for any comfortable position whether employees are sitting or standing.

4. Reduced Metabolic Rate

Go back to the days when you could easily expend a lot of energy. The cause of this is a rapid metabolic rate. Activity reduction causes a substantial slowing of the body's metabolic rate. The rate at which your body burns calories is only one indicator of your metabolic rate. It's a key factor in determining how well your stamina holds up throughout the day. Having a healthy metabolism also makes it easier to ward off a variety of illnesses.

Your sedentary lifestyle may be to the decrease in metabolism. Your inactivity is far more dangerous to your health than the toxins in cigarettes, and you may not even be aware of this. Standing desks that may be customized to fit individual needs are therefore highly recommended.

5. Putting on Weight

There are chances that your body will get used to the shape of that plush comfortable chair. In this context, comfy means the amount of weight gain. When you sit for too long, you weaken your body by using muscles that could be utilized to do other things, and as a result, you feel sluggish and lethargic.

Among the many negative health effects of being overweight is an increased risk of developing cancer. Using a standing desk reduces your risk of developing chronic diseases and helps you burn more calories during the day.

Standing Desk - A Desk for Multiple Purposes

Whether you are working from home or are in an office setting, a standing desk can make a world of difference. The adjustable height and design of these desks make it possible to work in either a standing or seated position, which relieves strain on the back and other muscles and can help prevent injuries.

However, contrary to common belief, you can use a standing desk that can be adjusted for other than work-related purposes and tasks. It serves multiple purposes such as eating, putting on makeup, do art work, play games and much more.

If you also notice any of the above-listed signs, it's time for you to browse through FlexiSpot's website and select the most suitable height adjustable desk.