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5 Office Christmas Party Theme Ideas You Might Like

21 December 2021

Before this year draws to a close, we’re pretty sure your workplace is already preparing for the annual Christmas party.

You might have a dedicated party organizing team, much like how Angela Martin led her committee in the hit series, The Office. Or how equally committed Phyllis Vance was when she took over. Of course, there’s that nagging superior or goofy boss who wants to be the center of attention in every party like Michael Scott.

If there’s no separate committee, it could also be the HR department calling the shots as to what your Christmas party would look like. They’ll write your names on paper, put it in a fishbowl, and pass it on for everyone to pick who they would be Secret Santa for. They’ll decide on a theme, either amongst themselves or hear everyone out as to what they want their Christmas party to be.

This is your cue to push for what you want. The theme would determine what cuisine you’ll be eating, what clothes you’ll be wearing, what performances you’ll be watching, and probably what background your next profile photo on Facebook will feature. This is one of the few times you could have a beer or wine while on the job and have a casual chat with your colleagues about anything aside from work. So make the most out of it and suggest a theme that would suit your fancy—hopefully, it’s something that your officemates like too.

Here are some theme suggestions to go for:

Nightmare Before Christmas

1. A Nightmare Before Christmas-themed party

No need for an explanation when everyone knows the iconic Tim Burton 1993 film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can recycle decor from the office on Halloween and make your office look like Jack Skellington’s world. Opt for black and white decor; put Santa hats on skulls and skeletons, and do a makeshift Jack Skellington. The food should be strictly English including roast meat, bangers, mash, puds, custard, and other English comfort food.

White Christmas

2. White Christmas

Who cares if it’s currently sunny in your state? You could still have a Winter Wonderland Christmas through the party you’ll be throwing. Cover your office with fake snow, have snowflakes dangling from the ceiling, and use white fairy lights. Choose all shades of white and silver decor to be on theme. If you’re feeling extra, you could even have an ice sculpture delivered on the day of the office party. Or for something cheaper, you could make a styrofoam snowman.

The dress code could either be Winter Chic or a Frozen-inspired outfit. For the open bar, Workflow suggests having an icy vodka cocktail or warming, mulled wine. The food should be warm like Shepherd’s pie or apple pie, panna cotta, baked lasagna, and more.

For entertainment, you could have everyone go to the local ice skating rink for a fun skating session or build an indoor ski slope.


3. Luau Christmas party

On the other end of Northern winter is sunny Hawaii. Have everyone wear grass skirts and do the hula. It’s very vibrant and colorful that could put anyone in a festive mood, even your grumpiest workmate. For entertainment, have someone play the ukulele or just have reggae music or Bob Marley on blast. This tropic-inspired Christmas party would be refreshing for the guests who already had enough of the winter season.

Hawaiian food is also something to be excited about such as a boodle fight with seafood, vegetables, and fruits that could be prepared. A food station for poke bowls and refreshing smoothies could be set up. A fun limbo rock game could hype everyone up.

Masquerade Ball

4. A Masquerade Ball

A crowd favorite, you could never go wrong with a masquerade ball. After all, this COVID-19 season got us all accustomed to wearing masks anyway. Ask everyone to attend in their best evening attire fit for a ball. The room should be designed with theater masks and decor with gold and red tones. There must be a red carpet and stage lights for all the arrivals of the night. Serve appetizers, the main course, dessert, and champagne for a complete dinner.

Hire a jazz band for the music and a DJ for the after-party. Prepare prizes for the Queen and the King of the Night. In the venue, there could also be a mask-making station. A fun game of “Who Am I” could be a wonderful ice breaker for the party. On your forehead would be a piece of paper indicating who you are. You’ll walk around and ask questions to the other guests for you to have a clue who you are. It could also be twisted into a couples game where a character in a love team is assigned to you and you go around the room to find your partner.

Around the World Christmas Party

5. Around the World Christmas Party

Whether the office employees like to travel or not, experiencing another country’s way of spending Christmas is always fun. Around Christmas time, almost every country stops and carries out different celebrations of the season. If you have a multicultural office, make the party potluck and ask the guests to bring food from their hometowns.

For the dress code, ask people to wear a national costume or something that reminds them of home. For music, prepare a playlist of songs from all around the world.

Have a fun trivia game about the various Christmas traditions and practices across the globe.

Christmas party raffle

Aside from announcements of bonuses or awarding exemplary employees, of course, there is a Christmas party raffle for all the employees. The party organizing team may want to consider giving away great quality ergonomic furniture as a grand prize.

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