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5 Best Places to Visit in the UK at Christmas

14 December 2022

1. Birmingham Christmas Market

When in the UK this Christmas, make sure to visit one of the best Christmas markets around - the Birmingham Christmas Market! More than 5 million people from around the globe come to this tourist destination to enjoy the Christmas market every year. In this market you’ll find the most unique handicrafts, ornaments, and decorations for the holiday season. If you can dream it up in your head, Birmingham Christmas market probably sells it!

Food-wise, the family will be in for a treat. This market is brimming with quality food and you’re sure to find some of the tastiest treats as you go exploring. Some of the most popular Christmas treats you can enjoy include German Schnitzels and the perenially famous German mulled wines. For the kids - there’s an ice skating rink, and a number of fun rides they’re sure to enjoy.

2. The Cotswolds

If you’d love to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then consider visiting The Cotswolds this holiday season. While in the Cotswolds, you’re sure to find quintessential English buildings, hills covered with green grass, and other refreshing sites that are a fresh breath of air compared to the monstrous city skyscrapers we’re so used to seeing.

When you do visit, make sure to check out Bibury, referred to as the most beautiful village in England, and Snowshill, where the classic film Bridget Jones’ Diary was filmed. You can also go on a trail hike at The Cotswold Way which brings you to the best rural landscapes the UK has to offer.

While these sites might be on the rural side, they certainly aren’t short of Christmas markets and Christmas food. Although they’re not as well-renowned as the Birmingham Christmas market we talked about earlier, you’re still sure to find some quality items and some warm, hearty food. That much we can promise!

3. The Christmas Charm of Bath

Bath is popular for the unique Christmas vibe it brings. When in the area, it is impossible to escape the beauty of the Georgian structures which will take you right back in time. These glorious structures become even more stunning when adorned with all the fairy lights and Christmas decorations you’ll see during the Christmas period. Trust us when we say - it really does feel like you’re in a movie scene!

With its many food stalls, gift pop-up shops, and abundance of live music and performances going on around the streets - Bath in the winter time is a wonderful place to be. It may be known for its historic buildings, but it’s also popular for having some of the best shopping malls in the UK. You’re going to find lots of shops that aren’t just your typical designer brands, but are instead run by local families from the area. That means they’ll have a selection of atypical gifts your kids are sure to enjoy.

4. Christmas Shopping in London

Christmas season is the time for exchanging gifts. Whether it be socks from your grandma, or a new phone for the teenager in the family - everyone’s going to be exchanging gifts in one way or another. This means malls and stores will be packed with buyers - and there’s simply no better place to go shopping than in good old London.

The most popular option would be to go to the centre of town, in Oxford Street where the biggest brands have their flagship stores. From Primark, to Goldsmiths, to John Lewis (if you want to get fancy!), there are just so many options to choose from.

However, aside from the obvious big names, there are a number of other brilliant options to choose from, like Coal Drops Yard which house a lot of big name designer brands, but also a lot of brands that are local and just starting out. If you’re looking to buy some presents, especially clothes and apparel, you’re sure to find some solid options there.

If you want a classic Christmas shopping experience with a well thought out Christmas theme, then you’ll want to visit Westfield Centre. It’s a massive indoors mall which can be a life-saver when the weather is torried! If you’re looking for something more expensive and luxurious, then head on over to Harrods in Knightsbridge. The price may be high but so is the quality!

5. A Unique Christmas Experience at Clovelly

One of the best destinations for a unique Christmas experience is in Clovelly, North Devon. Dubbed as the most Instagrammable village in Britain, budding photographers have to take a trip to Clovelly if they want to have the best Instagram feed this Christmas!

This village is unlike any other as it sits on top of a cliff overlooking a beautiful habour. No vehicles are allowed to go up the village which adds to its old-school feel. In fact, people use donkeys to reach the top!

There is a minimal entrance fee of £8.50 for adults, and £4.95 for children - so it’s very affordable. Every December, usually on the 4th, the village puts all the lights on, which gives rise to one of the best Christmas light attractions in the UK. If you choose to visit on that day, make sure to stay for the fireworks display over the harbour.

If you’re looking to have a great time this Christmas in the UK, consider visiting one of these 5 places. You’re sure to have a great time!