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5 Best Hybrid Model Practices Employees Must Adopt

10 October 2022

Work-from-home initiatives skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic starting from March 2020. According to statistics, a proportion of 38% of people hybrid working has risen in 2022 while those working from home exclusively has fallen. Though there are companies and employees alike who are benefiting from the cost-effective and productivity-enhancing perks of remote work there are several employers who find on-site crew more helpful.

While the above two are common working models, some business owners also allow employees to work remotely while others operate in-house. This hybrid model has become common in the UK where departments or teams split between working remotely and in-house ensuring multiplied productivity. With the rising advantages, businesses are switching to WFH hybrid model however there are certain practices that all employees under this structure must adopt.

Since this working model is new to several employees, we will help you all explore the most effective practices to ensure maximum productivity.

1. Set Work Hours

Managers often assume that employees may not be as efficient at home as they are onsite. However, the truth is that employees work longer and harder when they are in their comfort zone, at home. But this is only possible when employees are disciplined about their working hours.

Before your manager also gets paranoid, you should protect your time by creating a good work schedule to improve productivity. Ensure setting your working hours or reminders when you usually leave the office so that you are able to maintain your work-life balance.

2. Distraction-Free Space

Anything can interrupt and take your focus away during work from home. From eating lunch, and an impromptu family conversation to looking at the door, it can be anything. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid such distractions, but you can absolutely reduce them to a great extent by talking to your family.

Communicate with your family and discuss the ground rules during your WFH or hybrid tenure. Also, close your room door and wear noise-cancellation headphones to remain focused. Try these two ways and we bet you will be able to focus more on your core office activities.

3. Invest in Your Home Office

Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with inappropriate desk or office supplies issues that you don’t have on hand. Stopping your work to fix the balky monitor screen, and finding a notepad or pen can be really frustrating and productivity-sapping. So, you must ensure investing in setting up your home office the same you would have set up your office in your workplace.

You must have everything on hand that you need, and ensure that it is up to date and in working condition. Some of the most important things that you must invest in during your WFH hybrid model includes the following:

· Premium quality desks

· Ergonomics Chairs

· Office Supplies or Accessories

o Casters

o Cushion and Mat

o Monitor Mounts

o CPU Holders

o Storage and Organization Supplies

4. Take Scheduled Breaks

Working straight through isn’t actually the best way to handle your corporate responsibilities. A study conducted a few years ago determined that taking at least 17 minutes of break in a 52 minutes of work is necessary. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to take break in every hour but you should build time frame away from work.

Ensure taking considerable amount of internal such as 1 hour in 8-hour work shift so you get less distracted and more productive with time. Your body and mind need rest so moving your body permits you to refresh yourself and return to work with improved productivity.

5. Avoid Use of Social Media

As much as social media seems tempting to you, the more time it can waste. With several breaking news circulating around, you may spend too much time scrolling through your feed that can lead to a huge productivity and time loss.

If you are habitual of scrolling through your field, try using a browser extension or plugin to restrict social media websites on your PC or laptop during your shift hours.

Final Word – WFH Hybrid Model is Profitable

A hybrid WFH model can be future of the corporate world. If employees really want to improve their productivity, they need to follow the mentioned practices. While remote working may seem a bit challenging at first, it can surely benefit you all in the long run. It is all about making adjustments in your methodologies and collaboration with your immediate supervisor to make things work.

With a bit of planning and preparation, WH hybrid model for employees can turn out to be very beneficial. The aforementioned suggestions can assist all employees working more productively and creatively than on site.