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5 Must-Know Tips to Create and Stick to a Disciplined Routine

13 June 2022

There are several important qualities that contribute to an individual’s achievements, happiness, and success. However, there is only one that causes sustainable, long-term success in all aspects of life.

S E L F – D I S C I P L I N E.

Whether you are looking for accomplishment and success in your fitness, diet, work ethic, personal relationships, or any other aspect of life, self-discipline is the crucial trait that must be there to accomplish short and long-term goals and make one happy.

Backed by a study, people who have good self-control tend to be happier as compared to those who do not have it. The study further determined that such individuals can deal with conflicts. In addition, they spend less time arguing and debating with one another. They make positive decisions more easily. Further, they do not permit their feelings or impulses to dictate their choices. Instead, they come up with more informed and rational decisions for the long run.

Self-discipline is a learned behaviour. It doesn’t come easy and requires practice and repetition in your daily life. If you want to enjoy a self-disciplined life or routine, stick to the tips that we would discuss below.

Tip No. 1: Eat Healthy Regularly

As proven by studies, low blood sugar often weakens a person’s determination and commitment. It is a fact that when one is hungry, their ability to concentrate suffers as the brain doesn’t function properly. The hunger makes it tough for us to focus on the tasks at hand, let alone, make us pessimistic and grumpy.

If you have a weakened sense of control over different aspects of life, make sure that you are fueled throughout the day. Eat healthy snacks and meals after every few hours. Keep healthy snacks like dry fruits or healthy protein snacks with you and eat them whenever your stomach growls. When you eat often, your blood sugar level improves your concentration, dedication, and decision-making skills, helping you become a disciplined person.

Tip No. 2: Break Your Day in Chunks

Another best way to remain disciplined is to break your day into chunks. It helps you be the best as too much time spent doing a single thing can make you lose determination. For instance, if you are doing something that you really dislike but have to do, taking a break from it will make it easier as you’d only have to do it for a short time.

One of the known authors, Time Ferriss of “4-Hour Workweek” also sets his daily schedule in a way that he gets enough breaks from a task. Tim advises people to spend as much time as possible doing what they want to do as long as the maximum output is achieved in minimal time. He thinks that dividing our day can make us more productive and streamline our daily tasks.

Tip No. 3: Get Out of Your Chair

Spending your days sitting and behind a desk can really worsen your posture and overall health. A known health institution also cites that there are physical consequences of sitting for prolonged hours. These issues include chances of breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart attacks and decline of mental health, and loss of bone and muscle.

To avoid such potential issues, the institution advises people to use comfortable ergonomics desks that can minimize the chances of the mentioned health issues. Most importantly, getting out of the chair frequently and moving around can also assist. An article by Kevin Lee, suggests that getting up after every 20 minutes can help one remain determined and passionate to work. Also, he recommends using a standing desk and sitting on a balance chair or a saddle.

Tip No. 4: Exercise and Move

Studies suggest that exercise ensures physical and mental well-being and positivity. It increases satisfaction and makes one more optimistic, helping them to improve their learning abilities. Those who constantly exercise or even five times a week tend to remain happy and determined.

While many people hate doing exercise and may give excuses to do it, they must know that it can be one of the crucial factors in increasing their productivity and motivation to do daily tasks. Further, exercise also makes sure of decreasing depressive feelings at the same time. People who get haunted by exercises do not really need to do hour-long grueling workout sessions but can also go on a 10 to 20-minute brisk walk, or do stretches, squats, yoga, or dance around.

Tip No. 5: Get Enough Sleep

People often get frustrated when they do not get enough sleep, declining their willingness to perform their daily tasks. Sleep is extremely important for one’s overall health and well-being due to a multitude of reasons. If one doesn’t sleep enough, it can affect their judgment, result in mood swings, and even their ability to make decisions. While these are the short-term disadvantages, the long-term cons are more detrimental – cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and even early death.

To remain disciplined and fresh, one must sleep for at least 7 hours. Also, limiting caffeine intake is necessary. Avoiding late-day food items that can bring on sleep at unnecessary hours should be neglected. Lastly, staying away from technology before bedtime is an ideal way for a good night's sleep. To become a disciplined person, one must first set a schedule for sleep.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to master self-discipline is difficult. It is one of those aspects that requires practice and nurturing. It does take time to develop but if one is really committed and dedicated, they can get there.

Want to try it out for yourself? Determine one aspect of your life now that you want to work on, lay out an action plan for it and practice the aforementioned tips. With time and consistency, you’ll be making great strides with your self-discipline.