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5 FlexiSpot Products That Will Solve Your Office Problems

07 July 2022

Whether limited space, disorganisation or poor posture are causing you issues, FlexiSpot has a solution to your office problem.

How can FlexiSpot help?

Here is a round-up of the five best problem-solving FlexiSpot products that can help turn uncomfortable, disorganised workspaces into appealing and productive focus zones.

The problem:

“The hours I spend at my desk working on my computer are giving me a neck ache. By the time I have finished my shift, my shoulders are stiff, my back hurts and I can hardly move my neck.”

FlexiSpot’s solution:

Often our workspaces are completely unsuited to the needs of our individual bodies.

If you are lucky enough to have full control over your workspace because you work remotely, then a switch to ergonomic office furniture can help.

But if you are office-based and can’t throw out your old office furniture, try a monitor mount.

The D7 aluminium mount can help to improve your overall posture as it raises your screen to eye-level, which encourages you to sit up straight. Having your monitor at eye-level will also help to reduce tension in your neck and shoulders.

FlexiSpot’s Aluminum Monitor Mount D7

The problem:

“I work mainly on a laptop so I can’t benefit from a monitor mount. I spend so long hunched over my laptop on work days that I have developed an ache in my back and neck. I’ve also noticed that I lean forwards and hunch my shoulders when I type so my posture is rubbish.”

FlexiSpot’s solution:

Although laptop users can’t use a monitor mount, there are other solutions. A laptop stand, like this SC4 Foldable Stand from FlexiSpot, can help to raise your laptop screen to eye-level in the same way that a monitor mount does.

Using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with your raised laptop can help to prevent the hunched position we often adopt when working on a laptop. This setup will encourage better upright posture and help you avoid neck, shoulder and upper back ache.

FlexiSpot’s Foldable Laptop Stand SC4

The problem:

“I’ve noticed that I sit on a slant at work and now become uncomfortable very quickly while sitting. I think it’s because I have too much stuff on and around my desk - particularly my CPU is always in the way. I have to sit slightly to one side to see my computer and often have to twist my body to reach for things. ”

FlexiSpot’s solution:

Keep your desk clear of clutter and make the most of your space with FlexiSpot’s storage solutions.

A CPU holder is a great way of creating more room on and around your desk. The CH1 Holder keeps your bulky CPU tucked out of sight, utilising the dead space under your desk.

Filing cabinets, desk storage pots and under-desk drawers are also excellent space savers. Keeping your most-used items within reaching distance, and tidying everything else away, will help you to maintain an effective deskspace and improve your posture.

FlexiSpot’s Adjustable CPU Holder CH1

The problem:

“My office is a personality-less void. I think if it was a more appealing space, I would be more productive and in a better mood when I work. I also have very limited space for my work-related and personal items. I would like a simple storage solution that would suit a small space and add a bit of character to my dull desk area.”

FlexiSpot’s solution:

FlexiSpot’s DDB Pegboard is a perfect storage solution for small spaces and comes in several different colours to suit all tastes and decor.

Pegboards are highly customisable and combine the personality of a pinboard with the functionality of shelves. Hang up your noise-cancelling headphones. Pin up some cheerful holiday pictures. Add some miniature succulents to a mini pegboard shelf.

FlexiSpot’s pegboards come in three different sizes so there really is an option to suit every space.

FlexiSpot’s Pegboard DDB

The problem:

“My desktop is effectively organised and minimalistic. But underneath my desk is a mess. A huge tangle of wires often catches my foot. Items that don’t have a home get dumped under there. It’s become such a problem that I don’t have enough space for my feet and my chair casters often get stuck.”

FlexiSpot’s solution:

A simple cable duct will solve under-desk space problems. Attach the duct underneath your desktop and tuck away your computer wires. There is even space in the CMP502 model for extension cables and storing additional wires and plugs.

Once your wires and extension cables are under control, it is much easier to clear out the rest of your under-desk space. If you find that a declutter is not going to solve your space issues, invest in some under-desk drawers to keep your space organised.

FlexiSpot’s Desk cable duct cmp502

FlexiSpot has a wide range of office and storage solutions that can solve any workspace problem and help you create an organised, productive and appealing workspace. See the full range here.