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5 Exercises That Will Help You Stay Mindful As a Remote Worker

19 May 2022

Covid-19 has had a profound effect on almost every part of our lives. The pandemic has led to a huge shift in the professional world and caused the normalization of remote working, especially working-from-home. As a remote worker, it can be hard to keep your professional and personal life separate. Even more so if you work from home.

When you can’t find the right balance between the two, it can feel like you’re missing out on both, that is, your family and your work. That’s where mindfulness comes in. As a remote worker, mindfulness can do wonders for you. It will help you construct that invisible barrier between the two aspects of your life. Other than that, mindfulness exercises are also known to relieve stress and anxiety and improve your overall levels of happiness and satisfaction.

Here are a few exercises that will help you stay mindful as a remote worker:

1. A Proper Schedule

Remote working gives you the freedom of choosing your working hours. But, not working specific hours every day is not the smart thing to do. Not having a proper routine can ruin your productivity. When creating a schedule, keep some time slots solely for meditation. Try to spread them throughout your day equally.

2. Mini Workout Sessions

Did you know you can work out mindfully? This way you not only train your body but your brain as well. Having a small workout in between your working session can help you clear your head. Being on your desk for hours, just immersed in work can be draining. And it’s not new information that staying static for long periods is bad for your body. So, now and then just get out of your workspace to exercise a little. You don’t have to have a proper workout session, just a light jog or some warm-up exercises are enough to keep you mindful.

3. Practice 5-minute Mindfulness Exercises

A busy schedule makes it difficult to devote time to mindfulness and meditational activities. However, practicing mindfulness does not need hours of your time. All you have to do is shut your eyes and concentrate on your breathing or the noises around you for about 5 minutes. This will immediately help you reduce your tension.

Another 5-minute mindfulness exercise includes journaling. You don’t have to buy an expensive journal and make it look all nice and pretty. You can even take a spare notebook lying around the house. Now, you can write in it whatever you want. For instance, you can write about how your day went or you can write in it about your dreams. A lot of people like to keep a journal about all things that they are grateful for in their life, this is called gratitude journaling. Which is also known as one of the best ways to practice mindfulness. This practice of putting your thoughts and feelings onto paper makes them feel more tangible and allows you to process them better.

4. Stretching

Sitting on a desk for so long causes your muscles to become strained. And not getting up to move every now and then is really bad for your body as it can lead to muscle spasms. Stretching is the best way to avoid several musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses.

When you remain static for longer periods the blood flow to your muscles becomes constricted and the soft tissue becomes uncoordinated. Stretching not only improves blood flow to the entire body but also improves the strength of muscle coordination.

To keep your musculoskeletal system healthy and to avoid any office-related injuries, all you have to do is stretch whenever possible. It is better if you put a 5-minute stretching session in your everyday schedule. This way you’ll get habitual of this exercise.

5. Listen To Your Favorite Music

Listening to your favorite songs can be a mindful experience. But it is required that you are not distracted and are actually enjoying yourself. Music and mindfulness complement each other perfectly.

Play your favorite music in the car or while working. Forget about your worries and simply listen to your favorite music. This can be your own personal 15-minute therapy session. Listening to the music not only relieves stress but also compels you to have some fun.

Final Word

Regular mindful activities boost your mental health by making you calmer and more relaxed. It's not as difficult as you think to include mindfulness and meditation into your work-from-home routine. All you need to do is set aside a few minutes of your day. Take some time for yourself to become a happier, healthier, and more serene person.

Mindfulness comes in various shapes and forms. It is possible that only a certain type of mindful exercise works for you while others don’t. It may take some time to master before a person can begin to reap the advantages of mindfulness. However, consistent practice will result in significant changes and will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.