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5 Bedding Ideas For Hot Weather

29 July 2022

No one enjoys waking up in the dark, so the summer sunshine is a welcome addition to everyone’s morning routine. However, with that sunshine can come some pretty unbearable heat. Here are 5 bedding ideas to help you keep cool in this hot weather!

Breathable Fabrics

An absolute must when putting together your summer bedding is to choose breathable materials. We’ve probably all heard this term before, but what are they and what purpose do they hold?

The clue is in the name - breathable fabrics allow air to pass through them more freely. This prevents the fabrics from overheating your body by holding in all the heat. It also means that any cool breezes coming from a fan or an open window will cool you down rather than being absorbed by your sheets.

Bamboo, cotton, silk and linen are all examples of fantastic breathable materials. Think natural rather than synthetic and you’ll be fine. You can even go super green and get eucalyptus and bamboo fabric sheets!

If you want to dive further into the world of fabrics, look out for a percale weave. Percale is known to provide a cool feeling and is a fantastic option in the heat.

Linen, on the other hand, is also a great option as evidenced by its historical use as a cooling material. This type of material is a natural temperature regulator which means it can keep you cool over the summer. Similarly, it is also a temperature insulator which results in it keeping you warm in the winter as well. Whether it be winter or summer - linen does the job either way.

It seems like the perfect fabric if your partner is a warm sleeper and you are a cold sleeper, or vice versa. Also - not to toot linen’s horn too much - it’s one of the strongest natural fibres but also gets softer over time. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Lighter Top Layers

Having to switch between multiple summer duvets is never fun and is the last thing you want to do when you are either too cold or too warm in the middle of the night. Having multiple light top layers gives you more options for each evening and prevents you from flinging your only duvet off onto the floor/picking it up when temperatures get too extreme.

A better option is to use multiple layers. Layering thin sheets and blankets onto your bed means as you get warmer, the more layers you remove. If you find it gets a little colder, add another layer.

Having thin layers of fabrics, such as linen, means you keep all the benefits of a linen sheet whilst piling on the insulating properties of other sheets when you need them.

If you feel a little too warm as the night goes on, take a layer off – as simple as that.

Bright and Light Colours!

Having summer bedding isn’t all about practicality, there’s also an element of interior design you should take into consideration.

In the winter you might cover your bed in deep colours, like oranges, reds or even blacks. They suit a cold winter’s night but aren’t very appropriate for a fresh summer’s day.

How about giving your room a bit of a makeover and choosing some bright, light colour schemes instead. Think white, green, sky blue or a nice warm and sunny yellow.

These colour schemes will bring your room to life and will get you feeling nice and summery from the moment you wake up.

Another hidden benefit of these light and bright colours is that they actually absorb less heat and therefore can keep you cooler than a darker colour. Who knew?

Adjustable Beds

Sleeping next to your partner is a bit of an essential habit and the warm weather shouldn’t cause you to have to sleep in different rooms – although I’m guilty of that sometimes. Not getting a good night’s sleep because of the heat generated by your partner is also a great recipe for an argument.

Why not save yourself the bickering and just invest in an adjustable bed, like the ones available from Flexispot?

Adjustable beds allow you and your partner to customise your sleep position and not bother each other during those restless warm nights. Moreover, an adjustable bed can improve your overall comfort levels – helping you fall asleep even when you’re feeling the heat.

Adjustable beds, such as the EB01, allow the user to position their bed to naturally fit with the contours of their body. You can raise your legs or prop up your head to maximise comfort.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer!

Thick Blankets at the Ready

With all this extra cooling you might even catch a cold - and there’s nothing like a sudden cold snap to bring us all back from complaining about the summer heat.

So, make sure you’re prepared for any turn of events by keeping a soft, thick blanket near the bed.

If you’re not too sure how the weather is going to be, keep the warm throw on the bottom of your bed covering your feet – they are the most sensitive parts of your body and keeping them toasty should ward off any extra cold breezes.

The Bottom Line

If you’re sweltering in the summer heat, then consider these 5 bedding ideas to cool you down. You won’t regret it!