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5 Advantages of Electric Beds

07 Jul. 2022

With electric-powered items gaining more and more popularity day by day, electric beds are also on the rise! In recent years, a considerable number of people from all around the world have started to transition from ordinary beds to adjustable electric beds. A significant reason for this is the countless health benefits adjustable electric beds have. As well as that, adjustable beds are also very comfortable, giving users a sleeping experience like never before. This handy guide will briefly give you an idea about adjustable beds and the benefits you can get with the EB01: a best-selling adjustable bed on FlexiSpot.

As mentioned before, adjustable beds have many health benefits and are also highly comfortable for users giving a flawless and undisrupted sleeping experience that one can’t get with ordinary beds.

Health Benefits of adjustable beds

Reduce Back Pains

Firstly, adjustable beds reduce back pains enormously! If you are one of the 2.5 million people that suffer from back pains every day in the UK, you might want to replace your bed and invest some money in an adjustable bed. According to the NHS (the National Health Service in England), it costs the NHS more than £1 billion each year to treat back pains. As a result, if everyone in the UK transitions from their standard beds to adjustable beds, they can ease the burden on the NHS and save them a hefty amount of money.

Reduce Snoring

Quite surprisingly, adjustable beds are also enormously helpful for reducing snoring. If you are among the 40% of adults that snore in the UK, you might be astonished to hear that adjustable beds can help! If you have to share a bed with someone who snores, you might be searching for a solution. Well, it has been tried and tested that adjustable beds are very beneficial for reducing snoring to the extent that you are probably unaware of! Therefore, purchasing an electric bed will certainly not let you down if you are a snoring person or live with someone who is.

Helps With Digestion

Another major health problem that people suffer from is digestive problems. It is reported that over 43% of people living in the UK have suffered from digestion issues at some point during their life. An adjustable bed is excellent for digestion if you adjust the bed’s position to the right angle. If you slightly raise your head whilst sleeping and lay on your side, you will significantly improve your digestion. Hence, if you are facing stomach aches and digestion problems, an electric bed can be perfect for your health and give you instant pain relief!

Improves Blood Circulation

Blood circulation in the body is essential for a person’s health and getting the best possible sleep. Some people have specific health issues that deteriorate blood circulation in the body, such as diabetes, obesity and peripheral artery disease, which results in sleep deprivation. Adjusting your bed mattress to a 45% angle will substantially improve your blood circulation, which can be done with an adjustable bed.

Good For The Joints

The EB01 is also incredibly good for the joints. With such fantastic position-adjustment options, the EB01 is excellent for allowing users to figure out their ideal sleeping position so that all joints can stay intact. We all know the feeling of waking up with pains in the leg, arm and other discomforts. If you usually suffer from joint pains in the arm, leg or any other body part with the EB01, you certainly won’t feel such pain if you adjust the bed to the correct position!

Features of the EB01

Made from two separate beds

Another valuable function of the EBO1 is that it is made up of two separate beds forming one king-size bed. As a result, with this function, you and your partner can sleep peacefully whilst both settings function independently. Hence, you can enjoy your sleep in the bed position of your choice whilst your partner enjoys hers with her own setting preferences. Remember, all these settings can be controlled with just a few clicks of a button!

Head Adjustment

Undoubtedly one of the most significant features of the EB01 is the head adjust ranges that can be adjusted to the position suitable for you. This is hugely beneficial for your neck and prevents all sorts of neck pains, including pains in the spine.

Underbed Storage

Additionally, there is a 15.8 cu—Ft. Under-bed storage, which is ideal for placing extra items.


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