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4 Signs that You Need a Chair Upgrade (and How to Choose One)

21 Feb. 2022

Whether you're a hoarder of imminently-collapsing homeware, super frugal, or just not interested in furniture, there comes a time when we must invest in a chair upgrade.

Here are 4 signs that it is time to bite the bullet and invest in a new chair (and tips on how to choose one):

#1 Seeing Stuffing

The most obvious sign that your chair is crying out for an upgrade is aesthetic. If your chair’s innards are spewing onto the floor, it’s time to invest in a new one.

Smaller aesthetic signs that you need a new chair could be the fading of the colour and pattern, scuff marks or unravelling stitching. Seat cushions which have lost their power to bounce back are also signs of wear.

How to avoid this problem with your next purchase:

- Quality is key for all chair purchases! Research the company, read reviews, examine the item up close. Often, cheap prices indicate cheap production processes and cheap materials which won’t last.

- Take care of your new purchase from the beginning. Regularly cleaning and patching up your chair will keep it from ageing quickly.

#2 Deep Discomfort

One of the most important reasons to upgrade your seating is your health. Any tensions, aches or pains after a period of sitting are clear signs that your chair is not suited to your body’s needs.

It might be that you are too tall for your chair (or your chair is too tall for you). Arm rests might be too low or too high (or non-existent). Most commonly, your chair might not offer full back support, which leaves you feeling 20 years older than you are after an hour of sitting.

Listen to your body. It will give you clear signs that you need to upgrade your seating!

How to avoid this problem with your next purchase:

- Invest in an ergonomic chair with lumbar support and full height adjustable features. This is especially important for your work chair where extensive sitting can cause strain and pain.

- Try active seating to improve your posture, reduce pressure and keep your body engaged.

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#3 Decades-Old Design

Whether your old chair is a much-loved hand-me-down, a vintage find, or a reminder of a by-gone interior design trend you used to love, out-dated design can often be a sign to let it go.

Often, moving house highlights how tired or old-fashioned our furniture has become as the threadbare 1970s velour sofa stands out uncomfortably in a new white-washed modern home. Redecorating can leave even furniture that remains in good condition looking odd in a room it no longer suits.

If your seating no longer complements the decor of the rest of your home, invest in something which will make you feel joyful rather than distinctly embarrassed.

How to avoid this problem with your next purchase:

- Opt for classic colours, patterns and shapes to ensure your purchase remains timeless.

- If you like to regularly re-decorate, choose a chair which either goes with everything or has changeable covers to complement any design whims.

#4 Purpose

Getting rid of a chair that has retained its quality and looks might seem difficult. But the chairs in our lives serve very different purposes and repurposing a desk chair as a dining chair, or a sun lounger as a sofa, will just not make you happy.

Avoid the negative sensation of wastefulness by donating your good old chairs to charity, start-up businesses or cash-strapped schools.

Then skip freely to a furniture store to find a chair which can happily fulfil its true purpose.

How to avoid this problem with your next purchase:

- Be clear with what you need this new chair for and the features it will need to suit this purpose.

- Is it for extensive sitting during your working day? Look for full support and adjustment options.

- Is it for comfortable evenings of Netflix-watching? Opt for soft textures, smooth corners and comfort.

- Is it for tossing your clothes on at the end of a busy day and brightening up a corner of your bedroom? Unleash your creative desires for bold patterns and curving shapes.

FlexiChair BackSupport Office Chair BS8

Finally, acceptance! But how do you choose a new chair?

Tips to help you navigate the chair buying process:

Comfort is key! Take your future chair for a test run. Ensure the height adjustment options and ergonomic support suit your body.

- Consider the price point, but remember that generally if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. You don’t want to be left dealing with inadequate quality or even back pain.

- Timeless design (plus quality!) will ensure your next chair lasts its full lifespan.

- Keep the purpose in mind. We are all susceptible to falling for beautifully-designed Instagrammable furniture, but will this stunning piece of design fulfil its intended purpose? Take your sensible head out furniture shopping.

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