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4 Big Zoom Mistakes to Avoid

06 February 2023

Video conferencing: It's something that many of us love, and some of us hate. It comes with a huge host of benefits, and some pitfalls too. What's for sure is that video conferencing isn't going anywhere, and will only become more and more commonplace. In fact, its growth rate is estimated to be 11.4% from 2021 to 2028 and the revenue in 2028 is projected at $9.95 billion.

Zoom is one of the most widely used platforms, although many other great platforms are available. Zoom issued 385,200 new licenses in 2020 due to the huge increase in video conferencing use during the global pandemic. And since then, Zoom's quarterly revenue has grown by almost 600%.

The Benefits of Video Conferencing

Many people will agree that video conferencing boasts unparalleled advantages. While younger workers may have only ever known this type of tech, older generations can remember how laborious the 'old ways' were and can breathe a sigh of relief at the convenience that comes with new communication options.

Here are some of the benefits:

● Quicker meetings. At a face-to-face meeting, you might have to wait around for everyone to attend, people can get stuck in traffic or might have got lost on the way to the conference room. Meetings tend to be more concise and focused when done online.

● Good for home working. If you work remotely you won’t miss out on important meetings or events and can connect with workers as though you are in the same room.

● Efficient interviewing. You can read a CV and interview and hire the candidate the same day thanks to video conferencing.

● Document sharing. No more print outs! You can share your screen and share documents with ease thanks to video conferencing.

● Large meetings without the space constraints. Fancy inviting 50 people to a meeting? No problem! Forget needing to hire a big conference room and ordering refreshments, forget panicking about the number of chairs you need. Zoom makes big meetings easy.

Of course, video conferencing tech like Zoom isn't always easy or successful. You can make a few common mistakes which we will explore now.

Zoom Mistakes to Avoid

1. Your computer or device isn't suitable. While video conferencing technology platforms like Zoom are fit for most computers, there are some prerequisites. You need a strong wifi connection so that you don't end up with video or audio lag. You also need a good webcam so that your colleagues can see you properly. Some people like to use headphones with a built in microphone so that you can hear and speak clearly. You also need a big enough monitor that you can see any documents being shared with you. Make sure your computer operating system is up to date to support the latest version of whichever video conferencing tech you are using. Without these features, you are going to have a difficult time using video conferencing, and you might look unprofessional.

2. Your background is inappropriate or distracting. We have all seen the video clips doing the rounds of embarrassing objects appearing in the background of video conferencing. Cluttered, overly personal or brightly coloured backgrounds can be distracting and cause your colleagues to feel uncomfortable. If you are clearly sat in bed, this will look unprofessional. If everyone can see your superhero figurine collection, this might cause confusion or the conversation to divert. It's best you stick to a plain background such as a white wall, or select one of the uploaded zoom backgrounds that can fade out your real background and replace it with something more appropriate.

3. You screen share the wrong information. If you are going to screen share during a zoom meeting, it's good to make sure there are no tabs open on your computer that you don't want your colleagues to see. You might have been sneakily watching a youtube video or you might have your personal emails open. Make sure you close all these tabs and also silence any personal pop ups (such as whatsapp desktop messages) so that these don't pop up during the meeting.

4. You're not comfortable. If your Zoom meeting is dragging on, you might begin to feel uncomfortable in your chair, or find that you are rubbing your eyes or reaching for the headache pills. This is often a sign that your desk and chair are not aligned properly and are not supporting your back and neck. Make sure you have the best home office equipment for longer calls.

How Flexispot Can Help

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