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3 Settings Where You Need an Ergonomic Chair

13 March 2023

There are many reasons why someone may spend a long time sitting down on a chair. However, sitting on a poorly designed chair can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also lead to a series of health issues.

That's why an ergonomic chair can be so important. They will allow you to sit for extended periods without the usual stresses and strains. Here we'll look at three settings where it's vital that you're using an ergonomic chair.

1. Office Work

The most obvious place where an ergonomic chair is needed is in the office. Plenty of offices use chairs that are over a decade old and offer no ergonomic support. This can make your working day more difficult than it needs to be.

For those who sit at a desk for eight hours or more every day, you need a comfortable office chair. But it isn't all about comfort, as it can be more serious than that. A sedentary lifestyle can often lead to back pain, neck pain, and other issues such as carpal tunnel.

An ergonomic chair is going to provide proper support to your back, neck and arms. It should have features such as adjustability, lumbar support, and armrests. The padding should be comfortable and help to support your hips and back.

If you work in an office, then you can ask your employer if they are willing to invest in more comfortable chairs. If they aren't, then it's best to buy your own. For those that work at home, buying an ergonomic chair makes a lot of sense.

2. Gaming

Do you game on your computer? If so, you'll know how long some gaming sessions can be, even longer than a full day of work. Importantly, people can often be so immersed in their game they can be unaware of how uncomfortable their chair is.

It's only when you take a break that you can realize how stiff and tense you are. As with an office space, a poor-quality chair can lead to many health issues. These include the likes of wrist issues that can make it much more difficult to game.

A brilliant ergonomic chair can help to prevent pressure points and blood flow. Not only can these health benefits make you feel better, but they can also improve your gaming performance. You won't need to focus on comfort and instead can divert all your brain power into your game.

While an ergonomic chair is a great idea, it's best to couple this with a gaming desk too. Having the two combined is going to give you the best possible setup. Make sure your monitors are at eye level, and you're able to keep a straight back.

3. Hobbies

There are many hobbies that can involve sitting for long periods. Some examples would be sewing, painting, and puzzles. These can be an excellent way to unwind after a long day, but not if they are going to start giving you back and neck strain.

With these hobbies, you often don't think about using an ergonomic chair. For example, if you enjoy puzzles, then you may just use a dining room chair to complete them. These chairs often aren't designed to be sat on for hours on end.

If you have a hobby that requires sitting, then it's best to treat yourself to an ergonomic chair. Even with one of these chairs, you still want to be mindful of your posture. Try to sit as straight as you can, and don't be tempted to slouch.

The importance of an ergonomic chair here will depend on how you enjoy your hobby. For example, you may do puzzles standing up mostly and only sit for short periods. Think about how much time you're sitting, and if it's for an hour or more, consider a high-quality chair.

Common Features of an Ergonomic Chair

If you are interested in getting an ergonomic chair, what features should you be looking out for?

Ergonomic Shape – Ergonomic chairs often have a curved backrest. This allows your back to be in the best position and allows you to rest your shoulders back. This will help to prevent back and neck pain.

Breathable – For those sitting for a long time, you ideally want the fabric to be breathable. This will prevent you from sweating and prevent any odours from being trapped.

Padding – You'll want a good amount of padding on your seat to cushion your weight for long periods. While you want it to be comfortable, you'll also want the padding to be firm enough to offer the right support.

Adjustable Backrest – A great feature is being able to slightly adjust the position of the backrest to the optimum position for you. Also, you may want to look for backrests that offer a little flexibility and can swing back.

Moveable Armrest – You should be able to rest your arms comfortably down, including offering support as you type or game. Many lower-quality chairs don't have this feature, and you're stuck with its default seeing.

Adjustable Height and Castors – This is an obvious features to have, which is why we've combined them into the same point. Even in chairs that aren't ergonomic, you should be able to adjust their height and having castors makes life much easier.

Final thoughts

Whether it's for work, gaming, or hobbies, anyone that sits down for long periods would benefit from an ergonomic chair. Not only do they give you long-term comfort, but they can also prevent health issues such as neck and back strains.