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3 Leadership Styles That Work Well

22 December 2022

Good leadership is what defines a business. Without it, things fall apart quickly. Even the most efficient self starters need some direction. Whether there’s 2 or 200, people need leadership. That’s where you come in. It’s up to you to set outputs, manage deadlines, ensure things go according to plan and within budget. Which in theory sounds like a lot, but in large it comes down to your leadership style.

Leadership has been studied as a topic for decades. How we lead says a lot about who we are, how people view us and the work we can produce. There is much debate amongst experts about the best type of leadership. Entire studies have been conducted to examine each one, and all of them certainly have their merits and pitfalls.

So… What type of leader are you? Do you inspire people to follow you or do you push and pull until you get the desired results? How do you feel your leadership style impacts on your outcomes and do you feel there is room for improvement? There are certainly a number of leadership styles that don’t work long term if at all. But there are others that if applied correctly, can help you and your team get all of the results you’re looking for and more.

The Authoritarian Leadership Style

Whilst authoritarian might conjure up ideas of strict bosses that you’d rather avoid, in fact, this leadership style is quite impactful in a good way. Authoritarian leadership has been around for a long time and is seen as a more traditional way to manage and motivate people, when compared to more innovative options. It involves a leader imposing expectations and defining outcomes. Best applied when the leader in question is particularly knowledgeable about the subject matter and the team that follows is in need of clear direction. A great example of authoritarian leadership would be when a senior team member is mentoring juniors. Creativity must be somewhat sacrificed in order to achieve results under this leadership style, but it makes up for it in efficiency and time management.

The Delegative Leadership Style

Unlike the authoritarian leadership style, the delegative style is more effective when team members are far more competent and reliable within their roles. This style involves delegating work to team members allowing them to take more responsibility and complete tasks individually. When applied correctly with the right people, the delegative leadership style inspires team members and empowers them, encouraging higher levels of job satisfaction long term. However the challenge with this leadership style is that if all of your team members are not capable of holding up their end of the table, it’s going to tip over.

The Transformational Leadership Style

Very well suited to start ups and entrepreneurial leaders, the transformational leadership style involves inspiring their team with a vision, mission or goal, then empowering them to achieve it. Where this differs significantly from the other styles is in the reliance on one single irreplaceable individual. In a larger business where people move in and out, this style won’t likely work at all. However, when this style is used, it typically leads to team members feeling more valued and working harder to achieve the vision they’re also bought into. As a final note on the transformational leadership style, unlike the other two styles we’ve mentioned, if you’re planning on using it, you need to a) be very charismatic and inspirational and b) be completely invested into and believe in your business vision.

How Flexispot Can Help You Lead

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