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3 Creative Ideas for an Illustration Studio

06 April 2021

We all know that an illustrator’s work is all about creativity. But did you know that creativity depends on many factors, including external elements like your home or office workspace? Well, research has proved a link between the workplace and individual creativity. Therefore, if you are designing an illustration studio, make sure you create a space that is comfortable and helps your creativity flow.

Designing the Ideal Illustration Studio

Ready to get started? Here are five easy tips on designing the perfect illustration studio that’ll boost creativity and enhance performance.

1. A Standing Desk Is a Must

Considering the long hours most illustrators spend at the workstation, a standing desk becomes essential to avoid health risks associated with sitting too much. A standing desk works by raising your workstation high enough to allow you to stand while working. While changing your work position may not seem like a lot, it can make a world of difference in boosting performance.

FlexiSpot takes the experience to the next level with Comhar – the All-in-One standing desk. In addition to keeping you from staying hunched over your workstation all day, this innovative standing is packed with smart and impressive features.

- USB Charging Ports

The standing desk comes with one Type-C and two Type-A USB charging ports, which means you can now plug in your smartphone, tablets, and other gadgets to keep your devices powered throughout the day.

- Spacious Drawer

Comhar Standing Desk features a spacious pull-out storage drawer. It is embedded in the desktop and provides seamless storage space. As illustrators often work with different tools, gadgets, and mediums, the extra space comes in handy in keeping the desk organized while keeping your accessories within your reach at all times.

- Height Preset Options

Another reason why we love Comhar Standing Desk by Flexispot is the customized height preset option. It allows you to program four different height settings and switch between them at a single touch of the button. The programmable height presets also make the standing desk a great option for shared workspaces.

- Modern Tempered Glass

The table will add a chic and trendy vibe to your illustration studio with the modern tempered glass desktop and elegant, rounded edges. The smart design ensures elegance, comfort, and durability.

- Safety Features

The Comhar Standing Desk also boasts additional safety features, such as the safety lock button and thoughtful anti-collision function. The anti-collision feature ensures safety by making sure that the desktop never gets damaged or crushes any other object while in motion.

- Space-Saving

Finally, despite a spacious work surface, the table covers a minimal floor area, which means space is unlikely to be an issue. All you need is a nook, a small corner, or an empty wall in your illustration studio to place your Comhar Standing Desk and get to work.

2. Choose the Right Chair

Choosing the right chair for your illustration studio is just as important as picking the perfect standing desk. The primary goal is to switch between the standing and sitting position, which means that your chair also plays an important role in keeping fatigue, back pain, and other body pains away. It is advisable to opt for an ergonomic office chair particularly designed for extended use. 

3. Add Mood-Boosting Elements

When designing an illustration studio, the goal should be to create a workspace where illustrators want to spend their time. Therefore, in addition to focusing on comfort and convenience, it is also important to focus on the aesthetic appeal and mood-boosting elements in the design. Here are some ideas on what you can do to improve mood and create a chic illustration studio.

- Indoor Plants

An easy way is to introduce indoor plants. Adding indoor plants will not only create a refreshing environment but will also help you introduce a little color to your workspace. Furthermore, they can help purify the indoor air and boost your boost.

- Desk Bikes

Physical exercise can put you in a great mood and also help boost productivity. This is where desk bikes come in. They go perfectly with height-adjustable standing desks and offer the ideal way of incorporating exercise into your routine. You can now meet your fitness goals without taking out additional time from your busy schedule!

The Bottom Line

Designing an illustration can be a lot of fun, especially when you know all about the right products and accessories you need to create a highly functional and productive workspace.

So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by the ideas discussed above and create the ideal illustration studio that boosts creativity and enhances creativity!